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  • #WealthAndFreedom: Do All Rich People Have Satisfactory GPAs?

    The gentleman in this video has interesting talking points. He discusses why some millionaires have a low GPA vs. valedictorians who have high GPAs but supports the system. If you desire to be a side hustle millionaire and achieve elite wealth or some wealth in the millions, it pays more than financially to think outside the box and go about doing business differently. If you're not yet into internet marketing or anything online business related such as affiliate marketing, blogging, or buying and selling on the internet, now's the time to regroup your thinking patterns and get that side hustle going now so you can achieve financial freedom and status of side hustle millionaire. This means starting your own business as a side hustle and laying down your groundwork versus relying on a can of beans paying job with a narcissist employer who has a secret agenda for accumulating wealth with a heart of greed by capitalizing financially off of the backs and hard work of employees they hate and get secretly terminated. Anyone anywhere in the world can amass wealth. You don't need a college education. But if you have one, great. You can start a business and become a side hustle millionaire anytime in your life at any age, with or without extensive past employment experience, with or without...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: The Beauty of Consistency in Building Your Business

    It's never easy during humble beginnings of entrepreneur shift to transition from employee to an entrepreneurial mindset. You virtually have to force yourself to get out of patterns such as waking up at a certain time in the morning, showering, they getting ready to head off to your day job. You have to get used to working more hours and get used to feelings of uncertainty. When you're working for someone else, you make money the moment you clock in for work. Your job might come with potential benefits such a pain sickly, pension plan or 401k retirement savings plan, and maybe earning a healthy monthly commission based on meeting and a speeding your sales quota. All of that is out the door when it comes to side hustle online business entrepreneurship. Building an online business for a real world business requires getting out of your comfort zone and adapting to the mentality of moving forward while...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Prosperity and Success Stimulates Humility

    All things good can be achieved with The LORD Jesus Christ to help you. If you have a spirit in you willing to go through awesome trials and tribulations, willing to be sland...
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  • Looking to the Future and Worrying Less in Your #SideHustle

    Don't worry about your level of education. Don't have a high school diploma? Only have a high school diploma? Have a bachelor's degree, MBA, Ed.D, judiciary doctorate or post honorary Ph.D? Does your employment resume show gaps in your job history? Unable to keep a job do to extraordinary circumstances? Fret no more. Affiliate marketing, blogging and side hustles o...
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  • Rejected to #Millionaire: They Come Running Back When They See You 'Doing Good'

    Is this the truth? Rejecting the wrong man only puts him closer to getting rich and forgetting you exist. A savvy thinking man gets glad, not mad....
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  • #FoodforThought: Can You Become a #SideHustle #Millionaire After #Dating Rejection?

    Thought of the day: A savvy minded person profits from rejection. Profit doesn't always mean what you think. However, savvy-minded people not only use rejection to profit, but use it in a unique way to stay gainfully employed. Rejection is a good thing after all. The average person shows their true character way too soon after they experience it. The one that slips out of your hand fails to give the reaction you're looking for and refuses to chase you or ask for an explanation. True or false?...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Using #Jealousy to Move You Forward and Become a #Millionaire

    You never know what the Creator, who is The LORD Jesus Christ and GOD alone has in store for you. Keep going through your trials and tribulations because you're destined to come out victorious! Dealing with jealous siblings can sometimes be an uphill battle. You get into arguments with them because of their jealousy toward you. They talk over top of you at times. They yell and curse at you when you're having a conversation with your parents by jumping in the conversation when it's none ...
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  • #DonaldTrump Teaches People to Pursue Entrepreneurship and Not Rely on a Day Job

    Opportunity still flows abundantly in America to start your own business. Working for the man is not the way to do things anymore. teaches everyone that as a subliminal lesson. What is your backup plan if you get fired from your job because you have a beef with your employer? Go look for another job so your last employer can find out where you work at and secretly stalk you to mess you up on the new job and probably set you up? Or consider side hustle entrepreneurship as a means of earning an honest living? Donald Trump's actions clearly prove there's no such thing as job security in America today. It doesn't matter how many years you've been through college or how much tuition you paid for every college course. Doesn't matter if you have a (J.D.) Judiciary doctorate or an educational doctorate (Ed.D) or even a post-honorary doctorate (Ph.D). d...
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  • Did You Start That #SideHustle Yet? Or Still Relying on Your Cushy #DayJob?

    Procrastination on releasing your full creative entrepreneurial potential will leave you drowning in personal debt. It's time to get that side hustle going. Stop being scared! Believe It or not, side hustles are the new new of today's form of job security. Gone are the days of relying on job security with tenure on the job and a college degree. It doesn't ...
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  • #SideHustle: What Does it Take for You to Get Organized and Start a Business Now?

    Money classics, summed up in one sentence from CNBC. Some people think it's too good to be true. It just can't happen to them. Success, that is. It's impossible for them to overcome personal debt, live financially secure, and quit your day job from working for an unthankful employer who's probably robbing your paycheck in front of your face virtually under the table and wants you out of the company for standing up to them when they verbally try to walk over top of you. Did you know you can start a side hustle online and make your own hours whereas you're working on an online business project, with the potential to become a online millionaire in possibly less than 5 years? Grant Sabatier of did it. Many more did it. In fact, Chase Bank discusses side hustles. Does it take reading a transformation business success story of someone you personally know that went from going broke or living at home with their parents to becoming a millionaire? Grant Sabatier was living with his parents when he started his online side hustle working from home. Many people started out broke, wrongfully terminated from their jobs by their employer setting them up in secrecy to be fired because of personal vendettas against a targeted employee, and some were homeless or on food stamps. ...
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  • #Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business from #SideHustle to Million Dollar Operation

    Side hustles don't have to be a small potato operation. It only starts out as small potatoes. With a visionary mindset and not looking at your current situation, you can go from humble beginnings to a million dollar operation either working on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop PC by working from home. Yes, it's possible to start a side ...
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  • #SideHustle: It's Never Too Late to Start Your Own Business Regardless of Age

    Have you ever had anyone near you tell you you're too old or it's too late in life for you to start your own business and should resort to your regular day job for financial security? If you ever heard those ugly words from anyone whether it's a family member, narcissist employer, phony friend, or someone you know in your neighborhood, it's because they don't want you to live to your full potential and flourish ahead of them in being a productive individual of society. People who have a tendency of trying to instill limiting beliefs in others are nothing more than natural born narcissists. They will indirectly speak to you and tell you everything you're short and such as weight loss, finances, real estate, etc. What you may or may not see in yourself in the moment someone else will. The narcissist, whoever it is, will say and do things to suppress your personal beliefs. Believe it or not, negative thoughts and sayings from others have a unique way of positively encouraging a person to start a business and use past negative ...
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  • Succeeding in the #SideHustle: Failure in Business is Humble Beginnings to Abnormal Success

    In business, everyone has humble beginnings. It doesn't matter who you are. Even former president Obama of had humble beginnings in politics. DrewryNewsNetwork is humble enough to admit failure. However, humble beginnings and failure doesn't mean you'll never succeed. It's a humbling moment to evaluate where you're going wrong, make those positive changes, do the transformation entrepreneurial work, and get it together. As they always say, "winners never quit." Failure can be the indirect positive motivational vehicle to success never imagined. You h...
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  • #Adversity: Using Negativity from Others to Start a Business and Learning Patience

    Use what God gave you; a brain, and a will to succeed, and encourage others in a positive way to follow your lead.

    Building an online income is very realistic and accomplishable, even if you are starting out in blogging. Creating and publishing creative blog posts regular, daily, and even hourly and letting your friends and family know online on various social networks increase awareness, traffic, and potential online income.

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  • #BusinessMuscle for the Hustle: Believe and Achieve

    There’s people in today’s world desiring to start their own businesses hoping to transition to millionaires. It’s easier said than done. What is the value of $1million today? It’s virtually the equivalence of spending pennies on the dollar. How fast can a person spend $1 million? Think hard on that one.

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