All things good can be achieved with The LORD Jesus Christ to help you.

If you have a spirit in you willing to go through awesome trials and tribulations, willing to be slandered by family members who only know you when you have something, willing to be rejected by people, willing to keep going the extra mile building a million dollar side hustle despite life not on your side and refuse to lose, you're a natural born winner. People can secretly plot on you. Who can succeed against you if GOD is on your side?

While you're building that business in preparation to be a side hustle millionaire, don't change who you are because someone showed you their secret ugly side. Ugly is for ugly. And
GOD doesn't like ugly and sees all the secret ugly hidden from people. The success you're about to achieve will be mind boggling. The ones who doubted you and secretly persecuted you will come running back trying to speak. Or try to speak through other people. Ignore them, stay humble before and after accruing the side hustle millions, pay your tithes, and help others genuinely in need. That's true transformation of the heart.