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#SideHustleMillionaire: The Beauty of Consistency in Building Your Business

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: The Beauty of Consistency in Building Your Business

    It's never easy during humble beginnings of entrepreneur shift to transition from employee to an entrepreneurial mindset. You virtually have to force yourself to get out of patterns such as waking up at a certain time in the morning, showering, they getting ready to head off to your day job. You have to get used to working more hours and get used to feelings of uncertainty. When you're working for someone else, you make money the moment you clock in for work. Your job might come with potential benefits such a pain sickly, pension plan or 401k retirement savings plan, and maybe earning a healthy monthly commission based on meeting and a speeding your sales quota. All of that is out the door when it comes to side hustle online business entrepreneurship. Building an online business for a real world business requires getting out of your comfort zone and adapting to the mentality of moving forward while battling feelings of uncertainty.

    Are you currently happy where you are in life right now with your state of employment? Do you feel you’re treated fairly by your employer? It might be long overdue for you to start experiencing additional feelings of uncertainty and get that side hustle online business going. It’s not a good feeling to feel like an employee who’s being treated like an “under the table yes man,” or an “under the table yes woman.” Most employers treat certain employees like this quietly. When you observe the adverse actions in secret of your employer towards you and you feel certain feelings starting to grow within, that’s when you know it’s time to either hurry up and get to the point of retiring successfully with your pension, or dip off and get that internet side hustle going. But before you consider leaving your job for a life of working for yourself, be mindful that you have some savings in your bank account just in case things don’t pan out entrepreneurially in the predicted time frame.

    Blogging is the easiest way to get started side hustling. All you have to do is purchase a domain name and acquire dedicated web hosting to host your WordPress blog on. If you decide to start a blog as your side hustle, pick a topic you love talking about. This way, you’ll never run out of side hustle blogging ideas. Once you’ve launched your WP blog on your dedicated server and ready to build your side hustle blog while you’re still on your day job, you can use the speech recognition function on your smartphone and pull up a blank Microsoft Word document on your phone and start speaking into the MS Word document. Speech recognition is by far the ultimate tool for side hustle bloggers from all walks of life to use to record their thoughts and create content on the fly from anywhere.

    Now that you have your topic in sight and blogging away, you need to stay consistent in your content marketing efforts when you post blogs. What’s meant by that is getting in the positive mindset of writing and posting every single day. Not only do you want to do this as a means of earning traffic from Bing, Google and YaHoO! In longevity, but you also want to earn RSS subscribers, permission based e-mail subscribers, backlinks, improved SEO, improve your affiliate side hustle blogging income on a daily basis, build a respectable online reputation, and achieve all of this in two to three years time to build enough online income to “quit your day job.” To achieve the status once and for all of “quitting your day job for good” means that you’re confident enough in your future side hustle millionaire ability to stay consistent with your blogging to the point of working from home or anywhere full-time and being thankful for associated challenges. It won’t be easy achieving side hustle millionaire status as there’s priceless lessons to be learned in the quest to accomplish financial excellence. You can achieve millionaire status in your blogging side hustle if you believe and do the transformation business work.

    Most importantly, as your consistency helps you earn potential millions online from side hustling on your blog, make it a habit also to be consistent in tithing in church. You’re obligated to tithe 10% of ALL gross earnings you accrue. That means if you earn $100,000 from affiliate blogging income, you’re required by Biblical law to tithe $10,000. Not out of the net pay, but GROSS income. That’s facts!

    The more people doubt you, the more you should use that negative fuel to further your agenda toward being the best future side hustle millionaire blogging entrepreneur. You don’t have to be no one’s yes woman or yes man working for a company that virtually makes slaves out of employees by refusing to give them pay raises and treating targeted employees unfairly. Your mind is your asset toward unlocking the infinite possibilities of reaching financial freedom and taking your power back from your employer. On the other hand, by making gains in your business endeavors, be thankful in your heart and humble yourself that your employer put you through negative experiences. Reason being is because your employer is subliminally training you without their knowledge into being a future side hustle millionaire and you need to have an honorable character before and after achieving millionaire status. In so many words….humble yourself and get your spirit, heart, and mind right, and also keeps your body in shape by losing weight. You want to present yourself faultless and respectable in the process of quietly building up the side hustle blogging millions.

    Lastly, when you’re writing blog posts, it’s ok to make things personal. You can use words such as “I,” or “if that was me, I would’ve done this and that.” This way, you ‘re letting your blog readers know you’re a real person and not just creating general and vague content for search engines to index. Also, take time to interact with blog readers in the blog comments section. If they leave a blog comment, respond and thank them for doing so. Or respond to their blog comments and answer a question if they left one, or respond to their criticism if they leave a comment criticizing your blog post. Though she or he may have left a criticizing comment, it’s still an open door for you to respond and build a personal relationship with them. Don’t overlook anything in your side hustle blogging journey to achieving “side hustle millionaire” status.

    Hopefully this thread has inspired you to get consistent with purring your dreams in actions and believing in yourself enough to make the jump from employee to entrepreneur. While it’s going to be a difficult road to stay on in the infancy if your side hustle blogging venture, don’t think in the moment and quit when things are not working in your favor. Keep creating content. Build relationships. Don’t worry about how much money you’re making or not earning in the moment. “Focus on the future and build in the now.” Most importantly, don’t let what people say and do adversely toward you bring you down to the point of quitting, regardless what anyone does or says to you in secrecy, even if they steal your money. That’s on them and they have to stand in judgment on the day of Pentecost.