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#BusinessMuscle for the Hustle: Believe and Achieve

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  • #BusinessMuscle for the Hustle: Believe and Achieve

    There’s people in today’s world desiring to start their own businesses hoping to transition to millionaires. It’s easier said than done. What is the value of $1million today? It’s virtually the equivalence of spending pennies on the dollar. How fast can a person spend $1 million? Think hard on that one.

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    Can a person truly become a millionaire three years after starting their business? Yes and no. Success in any kind of business involves wholeheartedly applying yourself to making the venture work. This consists of building sustainable business to customer (B2C) relationships. Sure, it can possibly be achieved in as little as three years. Are you willing to work long hours and go above and beyond with your clientele? Are you willing to be honest in all of your business dealings? Are you willing to offer something possibly free of charge just to show your customers how much you truly care? Achieving millionaire status in business is not as simple as you think. As fast as that money comes, the faster the millions can disappear. It’s all about providing value to people and putting the thought of putting instant profit gain for self on the back burner.

    When you put people first in your business and don’t focus on achieving millionaire status within a certain time frame, you'll possibly accomplish millionaire status when least expected. It may take longer than three years, but appreciate the entrepreneurial process of learning and applying yourself along the way. Another words, if you don’t achieve millionaire status in three years after starting your business, don’t let that discourage you to the point of giving up. It’s an unwritten rule to always put people first. This can’t be emphasized enough. If you’re one of those people who put off the idea of starting a business in the past and looking to change things around in the new year seeking to achieve greatness, now’s the time for you to get out of your comfort zone and take that leap of faith into entrepreneurship. You may potentially achieve more than a millionaire in the future.

    If and when you do transition to millionaire status, help others in need. That's true transformation of the heart.