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#DonaldTrump Teaches People to Pursue Entrepreneurship and Not Rely on a Day Job

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  • #DonaldTrump Teaches People to Pursue Entrepreneurship and Not Rely on a Day Job

    Opportunity still flows abundantly in America to start your own business. Working for the man is not the way to do things anymore. teaches everyone that as a subliminal lesson. What is your backup plan if you get fired from your job because you have a beef with your employer? Go look for another job so your last employer can find out where you work at and secretly stalk you to mess you up on the new job and probably set you up? Or consider side hustle entrepreneurship as a means of earning an honest living?

    Donald Trump's actions clearly prove there's no such thing as job security in America today. It doesn't matter how many years you've been through college or how much tuition you paid for every college course. Doesn't matter if you have a (J.D.) Judiciary doctorate or an educational doctorate (Ed.D) or even a post-honorary doctorate (Ph.D). doesn't care about the struggles people such as some government servants have to go through to achieve where they are today. If they disagree with his actions or viewpoints at any time for any reason, Donald Trump will terminate their employment virtually on the spot. We've seen this happen with Trump firing numerous top White House officials. Once again, this is a clear indicator there‘s 0% employment stability in America in this era. This is why you need a side hustle. It's a backup plan when plan A - regular employment fails. In today's era of information technology, side hustles are a must to have because they can help you earn more money working in your spare time versus working for an unthankful employer.

    A side hustle is a part-time business project you can work from anywhere. You can work on your smartphone, laptop, or confined to your desktop computer. A side hustle is pretty much the way to go nowadays launching a blog or website you can start as a part-time gig and market products and services for sale on it. Believe it or not, side hustles are also known as freelancing.

    Freelancing in today's era proves itself quietly to be a stable form of job security because working on the internet allows you to market your services and products to a global audience from a remote location without shelling out $0 and online advertising costs. With your blog or website, you can market products and services to people domestically and globally by way of posting content to your site and share that content on multiple social networks like,,, and

    Donald Trump's actions teaches a subliminal lesson to Americans and people across the world that entrepreneurship is the transformation business solution to financial freedom and forfeit 100% trust in all day job employers. Donald Trump is subliminally bringing out the entrepreneur in people watching his actions and losing complete trust in daytime employment, and subliminally inspiring people to not only take up entrepreneurship as a full-time passionate venture, but also inspiring people to rely on entrepreneurship to become millionaires. Positive thinkers are looking at Donald Trump and turning his negatives quietly into positives.

    Do you currently work for an employer who thinks like Donald Trump and secretly terminates people with or without reason? Are you happy on your current job getting the kind of pay you want? Do you feel you deserve a pay raise and openly snubbed by your employer? It's time to get that side hustle going. It's time to change your way of thinking and get out of your current comfort zone and start an online side hustle now. The longer you wait to start your side hustle business on the internet, the richer Donald Trump will get and the more you'll be struggling financially. Job means just over broke. How long will you continue to put off your business dreams and ideas working for an employer who gives less than two cents about you and will probably wait until you get close to retirement to do something so they mess up your opportunity to retire with a healthy pension and allegedly terminate you Donald Trump style? The sooner you start your internet side hustle is the minute you get closer to achieving financial freedom through affiliate marketing and blogging. Take back your power now from your Donald Trump style employer and start your side hustle business with no further delay.