You never know what the Creator, who is The LORD Jesus Christ and GOD alone has in store for you. Keep going through your trials and tribulations because you're destined to come out victorious!

#Jealousy can #come from #anyone; #sister, #brother, #aunt, #cousin, #niece, #nephew, or a #narcissist #employer -

Dealing with jealous siblings can sometimes be an uphill battle. You get into arguments with them because of their jealousy toward you. They talk over top of you at times. They yell and curse at you when you're having a conversation with your parents by jumping in the conversation when it's none of their business. They're angry and fiery jealous that you're moving forward with your life knowing that you're about to be a near future millionaire and transform your adversities into opportunities right in front of their faces, while they could do nothing but sit back and get the cheap seats and spectate your progress. Jealous siblings actions have a unique way of turning positives into negatives, by inspiring the one who the jealousy is aimed at to achieve greatness across the board. When looking at the bigger picture in life about facing challenges and overcoming adversity, be thankful you have to go through something though it feels uncomfortable in the moment.

Do you have a jealous brother or sister who constantly rides your back and failed in their personal life and jealous of you because you're achieving more than them? Do you have a jealous brother or sister who wishes nothing but the worst for you and tries to do things from time to time as a reason for wanting to call the police on you? Do you have a jealous brother or sister who you feel is secretly waiting until you get rich to find a way to coerce and extort money from you so they can live a lavish lifestyle like yourself after you achieve millionaire status? Do you have a lazy brother or sister who gave up on their past life goals and decided after 50 plus years of age to finally go back to school and try to achieve some form of Education as a way of competing with your progress? If the answer is yes to one or all of the questions posed, that means your sibling has a deep-rooted hatred for you and you need to steer clear of them as much as possible.

If your sibling makes you feel some type of way whether they open their mouth or not when you come around, it's a good idea to avoid contact with them. If they have something smart and ignorant to say, ignore them and continue building your business. Don't let your sibling push you to the point where as you're about to do something that may land you in prison. That's exactly what they want so they feel they're one step ahead of you. Additionally, they want you to mess up so not only do you go to jail for a long time, but they'll most likely file a lawsuit and sue you for large sums of money, so you feel obligated to take care of them. Ignore everything your brother or sister says and does and walk away from them. This will drive them absolutely crazy and on the negative side of things, intensify their jealousy toward you. Jealousy, whether it's from a family member or your narcissist employer, can lead to false accusations and other negatives this site chooses not to discuss.

Are you experiencing negativity in your life right now and doing the best you can mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to deal with your life challenges? The best way to deal with it and the first initial action step you should take toward combating negativity is bend your knees in prayer and pray on whatever you're going through. No need to worry if you haven't been on your knees in prayer in quite a while. Bend your knees anyway and be sincere in prayer about your trials and tribulations. Your brother or sister who sincerely jealous of you maybe a subliminal stepping stone towards you getting spiritually stronger. If you feel the spirit of Satan on your neck by using someone close to you, prayer is your best tool for fighting the Devil head on. Don't let any sibling or employer make you feel as if you're cornered and they have you right where they want you. The negatives you're experiencing with a sibling or a boss or former employer is your stepping stone to entrepreneurial greatness above and beyond becoming a near future millionaire. You can be used as a spiritual vehicle for winning souls.