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Did You Start That #SideHustle Yet? Or Still Relying on Your Cushy #DayJob?

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  • Did You Start That #SideHustle Yet? Or Still Relying on Your Cushy #DayJob?

    Procrastination on releasing your full creative entrepreneurial potential will leave you drowning in personal debt. It's time to get that side hustle going. Stop being scared!

    Believe It or not, side hustles are the new new of today's form of job security. Gone are the days of relying on job security with tenure on the job and a college degree. It doesn't matter if you have a Bachelor's degree or an MBA Masters in Business or even a J.D. Judiciary doctorate or an Ed.D educational doctorate. If someone wants you fired even though they have a high school diploma, they will contemplate in secrecy with their employer to have you ousted from your employment one way or another. People who bring others down in the workplace to build themselves up have no spiritual net worth nor very little to no home training. They look for instant gratification by pulling you down to make themselves feel good. This feeling is nothing more than a quick fix like drinking alcohol.

    Side hustles are becoming today's form of online job security. Building a side hustle online is possible through starting a blog or website and working from your home computer, laptop, or smartphone in your spare time without worrying about meeting quotas for your employer. No one will stand over top of you and tell you this work is due by a certain date or time. Side hustling will test your drive to see what you're made of has an entrepreneur. Most importantly, a side hustle is also known as a part-time gig and is becoming the new Norm for Americans, quoted by

    Check out the video above from NBC. Hopefully, it'll inspire you if you haven't already done so to start your side hustle blogging and internet marketing venture without further delay. Getting organized now and starting a business online as a side hustle can potentially make you an internet millionaire down the road.