The gentleman in this video has interesting talking points. He discusses why some millionaires have a low GPA vs. valedictorians who have high GPAs but supports the system. If you desire to be a side hustle millionaire and achieve elite wealth or some wealth in the millions, it pays more than financially to think outside the box and go about doing business differently. If you're not yet into internet marketing or anything online business related such as affiliate marketing, blogging, or buying and selling on the internet, now's the time to regroup your thinking patterns and get that side hustle going now so you can achieve financial freedom and status of side hustle millionaire.

This means starting your own business as a side hustle and laying down your groundwork versus relying on a can of beans paying job with a narcissist employer who has a secret agenda for accumulating wealth with a heart of greed by capitalizing financially off of the backs and hard work of employees they hate and get secretly terminated.

Anyone anywhere in the world can amass wealth. You don't need a college education. But if you have one, great. You can start a business and become a side hustle millionaire anytime in your life at any age, with or without extensive past employment experience, with or without references, and earn a cool million. You are what you think.