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#SideHustle: It's Never Too Late to Start Your Own Business Regardless of Age

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  • #SideHustle: It's Never Too Late to Start Your Own Business Regardless of Age

    Have you ever had anyone near you tell you you're too old or it's too late in life for you to start your own business and should resort to your regular day job for financial security? If you ever heard those ugly words from anyone whether it's a family member, narcissist employer, phony friend, or someone you know in your neighborhood, it's because they don't want you to live to your full potential and flourish ahead of them in being a productive individual of society. People who have a tendency of trying to instill limiting beliefs in others are nothing more than natural born narcissists.

    They will indirectly speak to you and tell you everything you're short and such as weight loss, finances, real estate, etc. What you may or may not see in yourself in the moment someone else will. The narcissist, whoever it is, will say and do things to suppress your personal beliefs. Believe it or not, negative thoughts and sayings from others have a unique way of positively encouraging a person to start a business and use past negative experiences to propel them forward into earning millions of dollars through entrepreneurship. Starting a business as a side hustle project is the way to go in today's world of information technology.

    Truth is, there's no official rule written in business set in stone stating that you can't start a business after a certain age. People who tell others that they're too old to start a business or jealous of the individual that wants to put their entrepreneurial ideas into action. They're jealous of the person who doesn't rely on a bridge job for their sole source of income and want to degrade the person from feeling as if they can prosper without the help of the narcissist.

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    Narcissists hate competing with organic thought leaders. Humble thought leaders are triple threat to all narcissists. They introduce a way of thinking that'll liberate others into taking entrepreneurship to the next level and living their lives to their fullest positive potential. Colonel Sanders didn't start his own business until after 60 years of age when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken. Prior to starting KFC.com, he retired from working allegedly earning a pension somewhere in the possible ballpark of $105 monthly. Sanders not only started his own business despite his age, but he wouldn't have achieved financial freedom if he listened to naysayers. Never allow anyone to make you feel ess than them and a slave while they get rich off of your hard work.

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    Entrepreneurship takes courage. People will always test you one way or another to see what you're made of. When someone is really dedicated to bringing you down, as previously mentioned, they see things in you you might not see in yourself at the time. They know you have the potential to prosper more than them. They will try to create situations and pin others against you in being falsely accused. They will create enmity among others whether it's family members, phony friends, or whoever else to make it look like you're the bad person to discredit you. Through all the adversity, start your business anyway, working slowly but surely toward achieving your entrepreneurial goals.

    When people conspire against you, it means great blessings are right around the corner for you beyond achieving your financial objectives. Hang in there and keep doing the transformation work. When someone tries to enslave you and make you feel less, that's when you should push the hardest in your business. No matter how difficult things get in your journey of entrepreneurship, never throw in the towel. Lastly, Never back down to a narcissist giving them power over you and being their "yes man."



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