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  • Rejected to #Millionaire: They Come Running Back When They See You 'Doing Good'

    Is this the truth? Rejecting the wrong man only puts him closer to getting rich and forgetting you exist. A savvy thinking man gets glad, not mad....
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  • Profiting from Rejection: Transforming rejection to a Million-Dollar #SideHustle #Business

    Most men can't handle the hard concrete feelings associated with rejection. They tend to act out and show their true character when a female tells them no or rejects their invitations to attend events together, rejects invitations for dinner, movies, etc. Rejection hurts anyone in the moment. Controlling those feelings builds character, prepares a person to deal with feelings in relationships to come, and potentially helps savvy minded men striving for excellence to increase their profit potential through entrepr...
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  • #FoodforThought: Can You Become a #SideHustle #Millionaire After #Dating Rejection?

    Thought of the day: A savvy minded person profits from rejection. Profit doesn't always mean what you think. However, savvy-minded people not only use rejection to profit, but use it in a unique way to stay gainfully employed. Rejection is a good thing after all. The average person shows their true character way too soon after they experience it. The one that slips out of your hand fails to give the reaction you're looking for and refuses to chase you or ask for an explanation. True or false?...
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  • #MatureMen: How to Profit Mentally from #RejectionbyWomen

    On a social networking site, a female makes a post that says verbatim: "While you're trying to spit your game, learn to swallow my rejection lmao!!!!!!!!!" For a savvy minded person, rejection is opportunity inverted. It takes a determined, yet, humble man to profit mentally from rejection. Profiting from rejection does NOT entail financially capitalizing and flossing money in the woman's face who rejected you. That only makes you look like a desperate fool. Profiting mentally from rejection entails deploying a number of self-improvement techniques. First, dealing with the feelings of being rejected all...
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  • 10 Simple Reasons Why #Men Should Rejoice After Rejection

    Reasons why men should be thankful for rejection: 1. Puts him in a state of mind to do things the right way and go back to church to get saved and seek a good wife 2. Produces a feeling to prove something to himself; go back to college and get his degree, open a business, lose weight, and improve himself across the board. 3. Improve is standards; what he wi...
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  • #StartingaBusiness is the Right Thing During and After #EmploymentRejection

    Faith - This is the toughest thing to do when you're faced with opposition. It teaches you humility and to rely on The Lord Jesus Christ for your full strength while striving to achieve total life transformation.

    Today's job market is rough. Employers demand that job applicants in the new era of today's workforce have a college degree, relevant experience, and reliable references. They also demand that qualified job applicants have anywhere from 5 to 10 years of experience related to the position applied for. Anything short of that may result in qualified job applicants (despite having the experience and degree) getting a rejection letter. It's not about how many times an applicant has been rejected; it's about personal growth; how that individual handles it and uses rejection to their positive advantage that makes or breaks them.

    Pressing On - Slow progress is better than no progress. Progress, not perfection should be your business mantra toward achieving small and feasible daily goals.

    Starting a Business in the Midst of Rejection - Don't...
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  • How to Handle Aggressive and Demanding #Women

    Not all males find aggressive and demanding women to be a turn on. There’s times when men are turned off by females acting so. Some females run men off by demanding them to explain themselves about certain things...
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