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10 Simple Reasons Why #Men Should Rejoice After Rejection

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  • 10 Simple Reasons Why #Men Should Rejoice After Rejection

    Reasons why men should be thankful for rejection:

    1. Puts him in a state of mind to do things the right way and go back to church to get saved and seek a good wife
    2. Produces a feeling to prove something to himself; go back to college and get his degree, open a business, lose weight, and improve himself across the board.
    3. Improve is standards; what he will and won't accept in life from anyone.
    4. Builds his spiritual and fleshly strength to resist temptation.
    5. Gives him strength to resist sex even if that woman in standing b4 his face but naked.
    6. Inspires him to go the extra mile in all positive things he does b/c he knows ppl are watching.
    7. Motivates him to ignore ex-girlfriends and old jumpoffs from looking back and going on a 2nd or 3rd date after parting ways.
    8. Improves his financial potential.
    9. Helps him save money; the money he saves from spending on dates and pleasing unworthy females he could use to pay bills, buy a luxury car, put a hefty amount down on a new home or pay off an existing mortgage, and save for retirement.
    10. Shows him if she's going to stay with him when he struggles or leave him only to come back later when she sees he's up. And the game is vice versa for women to be thankful for men rejecting them.

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