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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic The Iron-Clad #Truth About #Divorcing

    The Iron-Clad #Truth About #Divorcing

    The world doesn't want to hear it. The truth, that is. Marriage and money tend to be among the hottest topics discussed not just in America, but throughout the world. Especially rejection and finding out the one you rejected became a millionaire later down the road. "Divorce and remarriage is a lie" told to you by people. You can't divorce your first husband or wife after ...
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  • #Marriage is a Sacred Vow: No Such Thing as Divorcing and Remarrying

    Getting married is a sacred ritual and a vow you take before The LORD Jesus Christ. Many people from the world today believe that it's okay to divorce and remarry from your first husband or first wife. This concept of thinking is absolutely false. Did you know as long as your first husband or wife is still in the land of the living that you're married to them no matter what? Yes, it's absolutely true. A man was made for a woman and a woman made for a man. A man was not made to lay with another man nor marry another man. A woman was not made to lay with a woma...
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  • #Relationships and #Responsibility: A Message for All #Men Across the #World

    #Men being a #gentleman and #different from an #average #man -

    All men should only consider meeting a woman who's equally yoked spiritually in the church of Holiness. But if you meet a good woman elsewhere, value her with your heart and gentlemanly actions. Bring her to church with you so the two of you can become equally yoked. A woman's heart is not to be trampled upon, nor is she to be cheated on. If you already have a good woman...
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  • #Divorce: Divorcing and Marrying a Second Time While Your First is Living is 'Not an Option for You'

    In the eyes of GOD, there is no such thing as marrying someone else while your first spouse is still alive. Wendy Williams discusses divorce. Divorce and remarriage is amongst the hottest discussed topics not just in America, but across the world. When two people marry, are they certain they have paired themselves congruently in spiritual alignment with the right soulmate? Or, just someone to have around as a possibly part-time companion and be intimate with? While emotions and deep feelings play ...
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  • #TipsforMen: How to Make The Grade Among #SingleWomen

     single man ought to be mindful way they approach women when them out for potential marriage -

    While some see it fit to meet a woman online, the ideal place for a man to meet a woman is in church. In a majority of approaches a man takes to courting a woman, there are things she specifically looks for in approving him. Stimulating conversation other than "traditional man to woman talk" will not only positively stir up a woman's mind for the good of see...
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  • #RobynRoquel: Straight Talk on Being Happy While Single's own Robyn Roquel created a new channel designed for people to watch her interesting videos on the most trending topic online today. Relationships. Is being single after a certain age awkward or a demonstration of patience until meeting and bonding with that special someone qualif...
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  • Unwritten Rules: Moving Forward After a #BadRelationship #Breakup

    Move on without further contact after your ex parted ways with you. Mature from your dating experience. See where the relationship went wrong on your own time schedule. Make changes in yourself, your character, and how you relate to others so you can have better future dating experiences that possibly lead ...
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  • 10 Simple Reasons Why #Men Should Rejoice After Rejection

    Reasons why men should be thankful for rejection: 1. Puts him in a state of mind to do things the right way and go back to church to get saved and seek a good wife 2. Produces a feeling to prove something to himself; go back to college and get his degree, open a business, lose weight, and improve himself across the board. 3. Improve is standards; what he wi...
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  • Why It's Not a Good Idea To Get Your Ex Back

    When a relationship is terminated, you should cease from all communication with that person. Does not matter how deep your feelings are for the individual. Cease from any and all communication, whether it be on social media, telephone, or otherwise. No speaking through other people is allowed. Forget ...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post TonyaTKO Discusses Life and Relationships
    in News

    TonyaTKO Discusses Life and Relationships

    Do you have the right person in your life now if you're in a relationship? If so, how is this person contributing to your spiritual and emotional growth? A mate is supposed to be a person that can satisfy you outside the bedroom. Having great bedroom adventures is fine and dandy. But, true stimulation is when not in intimacy mode. TonyaTK...
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  • A Message to All Men Striving for Excellence

    You may possibly know what kind of woman you desire to be with before and while dating her. Your intentions is to be a faithful man to her, and possibly a husband someday. While most women have positive intentions of having a good man in their life and transition into marriage someday hopefully, there are some women who date men just to see what they are about. Be careful of the kind of woman you date. Not all women have alternative intention...
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  • Getting Back With Your Ex and Getting Engaged

    When most people break up, the thought of getting back together is a taboo topic. Would you get back with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend and become engauged to them for future marriage? This video discusses breakups and makeups in relationships by Tonya TKO....
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