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#TipsforMen: How to Make The Grade Among #SingleWomen

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  • #TipsforMen: How to Make The Grade Among #SingleWomen

     single man ought to be mindful way they approach women when them out for potential marriage -

    While some see it fit to meet a woman online, the ideal place for a man to meet a woman is in church.

    In a majority of approaches a man takes to courting a woman, there are things she specifically looks for in approving him. Stimulating conversation other than "traditional man to woman talk" will not only positively stir up a woman's mind for the good of seeing him in a positive light, but it'll also show that he has talent beyond his "excellent performances." Good hygiene is always mandatory on a man's behalf, as he never knows how the woman he is seeking to build with is grading his overall masculine performance in the mental, visual and physical area. A man's positive outlook on life is always a good thing from the inception of a man seeking a woman in his life, sustaining the positive mindset throughout the course of building a lifetime relationship with the woman.

    Stay Away from 'Bedroom Talk'

    In the infancy of men seeking single women, having a positive mindset is always a plus when introducing yourself to a woman. Smile often and be genuine in conversation. While conversing, keep a positive mindset always and don't be so quick to complement her outfit or physical attributes, not even how beautiful her feet are. Show a woman from the beginning you have "manly world education." Initiate a spontaneous, yet thought provoking conversation that's mentally worthwhile engaging. For example, if you're a man attending college and interested in a woman that is your classmate in that particular college course and looking to strike up a meaningful conversation with her while introducing yourself at the same time, it's a good practice to introduce yourself at first by giving her your name.

    Afterwards, transition to talking only about the classroom topic after class has ended. No matter how beautiful she is, how revealing her outfit may potentially be, how sexy her toes are, hold off by all means on complimenting her until you get to know her better. This way, if she does like you, she may be potentially analyzing you silently and wondering what your train of thought is truly like since you are not so quick to point out how beautiful her feminine attributes are, despite that they may be sitting smack dab in your face. This is just a classical example. The same rules apply when single men are "looking for single women online" to marry. And if you are a single man who has "never been married" before and in your mid-30s, then your mindset should be fixated upon courting a woman in building a quality and meaningful relationship, with your frame of mind leaned towards "the avenue of getting married." No one's getting younger.

    Good Hygiene Earns 'Brownie Points'

    Good hygiene is a [must] for a man to maintain in keeping a woman's mind positively stirred up to see him in a positive light. Good hygiene for men also includes "keeping your feet nice at all times." Men who tend to have crusty feet especially in the back of a man's foot towards the "heel section" is a big turnoff to women. She may potentially talk about it to her girlfriends if you are caught. She may also potentially "pop quiz" you and ask you to come over for dinner, take off your shoes, and leave them by the door. This may potentially be a pop quiz on a man's behalf so a woman can silently examine what she is about to get herself into, in determining if she should be completely involved with you. A woman is looking at all things in a man silently during "the courtship."

    A man should always not only have his "feet game" respectively in position, but should always be smelling good and dressed dapper with just the right amount of cologne. Additionally to keeping a man's clean feet game and body smelling good with cologne, don't overlook taking more than one shower a day and washing every body part intensely. It's mandatory for a man to wash, shave, and use a pumice stone to soften the thick crust from the soles of his feet. Women judge!

    Showering and bathing yourself more than once a day as a man not only helps to keep a healthy mindset, but it also plays a sincere and crucial role in building a long-term relationship "geared towards potential marriage." With that said, keeping your breath fresh by brushing your teeth after every meal will also quietly give you "cool points" with the woman you're courting. If you are going over to her place to eat dinner, be mindful of carrying a portable toothbrush and toothpaste with you, so your "breath game" will always "be on the plus side," as you come closer towards the woman. You never know as a man what's running through a woman's mind while in her presence.

    The Mindset of 'Dating vs. Marriage'

    For men over 30 who've never been married before and are seeking single women online and offline, they should take these helpful and small tips into serious consideration and mindset geared towards "meeting single women for more than dating." Women today want more than to "meet single men offline and online" just to date. She needs more than "relieving her frustration nocturnally." The dating mentality most likely is "what can this give me" vs. the marriage mentality most likely being "how can we do this together?" No woman wants to feel that a man is wasting her time just so he can "do as he pleases with her at any time," without some form of commitment geared towards marriage.

    'Respect a Woman Always'

    Hopefully, as you're a man reading this down-to-earth post and helpful tips, you will apply this into your manhood when meeting a woman you desire to be involved with for a lifetime. Along the way in coming up with your own creative tips in "succeeding in making the grade in building a lifetime relationship with a woman you are interested in sincerely," hopefully this will stir up your mind if you have been using a "traditionally stale approach towards women" and "reshuffle your game" about your manly respectful approach to women and strive for excellence in "making the grade with a woman on a deeper level beyond nocturnal hours."

    A real woman is worth putting your best foot forward on all manly respectable courting fronts in making certain your mental game is "maturely in position," your breath game is right, your hygiene game is in position, your feet game on point, as well as other areas of your manhood that need additional tweaking. Think more of pleasing her mentally first with your "intelligence and spiritual elegance," rather than what your physical manhood can do for her and how deep your pockets are.

    In her mind, in "your respectful approach" to court her in building a meaningful lifetime relationship for potential marriage, she'll set you apart from the average man "respectfully being in a class all by yourself," which is definitely a positive thing when trying to "wife her."