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#Relationships and #Responsibility: A Message for All #Men Across the #World

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  • #Relationships and #Responsibility: A Message for All #Men Across the #World

    #Men being a #gentleman and #different from an #average #man - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/dating-relationships-marriage

    All men should only consider meeting a woman who's equally yoked spiritually in the church of Holiness. But if you meet a good woman elsewhere, value her with your heart and gentlemanly actions. Bring her to church with you so the two of you can become equally yoked. A woman's heart is not to be trampled upon, nor is she to be cheated on. If you already have a good woman in your life, show her the real side of what a gentlemanly man is like, and do nice things for her always, without expectation. That's what you call true gentlemanly transformation.

    There are many quality women a man can meet online. And, if you are a gentleman at heart, please be sure to have the correct vernacular in your mouth, when courting a woman online to potentially date. There are many men suffering today who are good men, because the last man dogged her out, and some women take out their emotional frustration on the good men who've done nothing wrong to them. Please, please, please treat a woman with respect, dignity and show her you have some class. The world will be a better place in assuring a woman emotionally that there are still not only good men left in a world of uncertainty, but, it'll also open spontaneous dating doors for the good guys who do women right and enable them to have more potential dating opportunities, and potentially marrying. It's a wise choice to only resort to meeting a woman who's "in the church and saved." This way, if you can a deep interest in a sister and have a desire to marry her, both of you have the same spiritual beliefs and will be "equally yoked."

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    If a man can play his position respectfully and show a woman what the other side of a gentlemanly man is like spiritually, he'd be quite surprised how much the woman would not only reciprocate her kindness and compassion, but also do nice things out of the clear blue sky and have the man's back to the very end. Woman came from man. They're not to be beaten on, disrespected, nor belittled. Woman means "woven from man." That's plain!

    Show a woman how much your manly act is together, and she'll respect you wholeheartedly to the ends of the Earth. Real talk, from a human being with a heart and feelings. Drewry News Network cares about the emotional wellness of all women.



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