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The Iron-Clad #Truth About #Divorcing

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  • The Iron-Clad #Truth About #Divorcing

    The world doesn't want to hear it. The truth, that is. Marriage and money tend to be among the hottest topics discussed not just in America, but throughout the world. Especially rejection and finding out the one you rejected became a millionaire later down the road. "Divorce and remarriage is a lie" told to you by people. You can't divorce your first husband or wife after saying "I do" at the altar. Noooooo NO. Once you say I do, you're STUCK!

    Another truth: Most people come running back wanting you after they reject you and find out in secrecy you became or are close to becoming a millionaire. That's when your ex, your former employer, phony family members, and people you long parted ways with all come out of the wood works acting like everything's fine and dandy like nothing bad happened. Fooey!

    Question for you: If a man came onto you and you rejected him because he was poor or didn't have the educational credentials you want in a man and you later found out the same man you rejected became a millionaire after achieving all of his goals, how would you feel? Do you think he would still want you? Do you think you're irresistible to all men? Do you have the mindset that no man can resist you? Do you think you're marriage material?

    Stay tuned for future posts discussing rejection, millionaireism, entrepreneurship, goals, and running back after the one you rejected quietly became a millionaire.

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