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Profiting from Rejection: Transforming rejection to a Million-Dollar #SideHustle #Business

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  • Profiting from Rejection: Transforming rejection to a Million-Dollar #SideHustle #Business

    Most men can't handle the hard concrete feelings associated with rejection. They tend to act out and show their true character when a female tells them no or rejects their invitations to attend events together, rejects invitations for dinner, movies, etc. Rejection hurts anyone in the moment. Controlling those feelings builds character, prepares a person to deal with feelings in relationships to come, and potentially helps savvy minded men striving for excellence to increase their profit potential through entrepreneurship. Rejection is not necessarily a negative thing. Where there's rejection, there's room for growth in other areas of a man's life. Agree?

    Starting a side hustle online is a great way to build a business off of rejection and employment uncertainty. The easiest way to get started side hustling online is to acquire a domain name and dedicated web hosting. Once you've achieved that, you can start a self-hosted WordPress blog hosted on your dedicated web hosting server. From there, your blog can be centered around the topic of dealing with rejection from women in a gentlemanly fashion and best places online to buy and sell name brand fashion clothing like Polo Ralph Lauren. And example of a blog post discussing ways to deal with rejection from women and making a business out of it might go a little something like this “do you feel rejected by women because of the way you dress or strength of your finances? You can start a business off of rejection by starting an online business whereas your blog will sell itself by offering men tips for dressing for success and how to dress better at discount prices.” Your side hustle can be centered around buying and selling clearance items from online fashion retailers such as,,,,, and These online retailers always have clearance sales where you can buy name brand fashion clothing like Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Alfani, G.H. Bass, and other brand-name clothing at heavily discounted prices and resell them through your blog for a turnaround profit. This is a great way of using rejection from women as a means of inspiration to become a future side hustle blogging millionaire. Rejection is not a bad thing when you look at it from a positive viewpoint because it can turn a rejected man into someone successful beyond accruing millions of dollars.

    Bitter men with no plan B or additional backup plans view rejection as possibly the end of the world for them. If you've been rejected by women, rejected by your family, rejected in employment, rejected by your peers, or rejected by business prospects, or experience any other form of rejection, just know it's a subliminal blessing in disguise. Rejection tests anyone to see what they're made of. Rejection brings out endurance in a determined individual. Am I right? Are you getting what I'm trying to tell you? Are you listening? Now that your mind is stirred up and you've probably been dealing with rejection left and right, how will you use your creativity to rebound from being rejected to not worrying about being accepted and transitioning through making the leap of faith now into being a future side hustle millionaire? The choice is yours.