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How to Handle Aggressive and Demanding #Women

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  • How to Handle Aggressive and Demanding #Women

    Not all males find aggressive and demanding women to be a turn on. There’s times when men are turned off by females acting so. Some females run men off by demanding them to explain themselves about certain things when the female hasn’t even yet met the man for the first date. Then there’s females that expect men to go above and beyond for them who they’re not married to. Men who field their slowly getting trapped in a corner to explain themselves on anything the female they haven’t yet met may possibly be running into future relationship trouble if they decide to move forward with that female. This is the sad part about who wears the pants and who wears the skirt in a relationship.

    Are you a man that experienced something like this in the past or recently that continued talking to the female after discovering her aggressive ways? It’s time to gently cut her off and move forward with your life. Don’t stick with that female just because she looks good or might have pretty feet. Chances are, you’re playing yourself and she will end up toying with you mentally and emotionally and laughed her girlfriends about how she did she and will most likely never get the opportunity to be intimate with her. You need to forget she exists altogether and work toward achieving something good.

    Helpful suggestions how to move forward and ignore aggressive and demanding women:
    • Start a business and be secretive about it​
    • Be gentle dismissing her and don’t tell her straight up she’s being dismissed
    • Open your mind a point of knowing this will happen often and handle every outcome in a mature fashion
    • Take some college classes and work on getting your MBA or PhD​
    • Ignore her across the board if she continues contacting you
    • Buy a new car and ignore her if you see her pull up on the side of you at the red light. That'll eat her up on the inside!
    • Buy a new suit and expensive shoe and make it your business to always be spiffy in public
    If she tries to come back and wants a second chance at getting with you say nothing and move on. If you see her walking towards you turn around and walk the other way. The best reaction is no reaction. Don't disrespect her.

    Success is bittersweet-let her negative energy your inspiration to achieve something good. A bad attitude is nothing but indirect encouragement from a female to find a better female.

    Never settle for sloppy seconds you know your true worth as a man.

    These are some of many helpful suggestions for men to maturely move forward after walking away from a female. Regardless how any female acts negatively, never disrespect or in return nor make any kind of negative remarks or gestures. Take her power away from her by acting as if she never existed. Doing so will develop inner strength in men and build you up to the point of never settling for less.

    And if you decide to move forward and marry her, prepare yourself for a lifetime of headaches!