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#MatureMen: How to Profit Mentally from #RejectionbyWomen

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  • #MatureMen: How to Profit Mentally from #RejectionbyWomen


    On a social networking site, a female makes a post that says verbatim:

    "While you're trying to spit your game, learn to swallow my rejection lmao!!!!!!!!!"

    For a savvy minded person, rejection is opportunity inverted. It takes a determined, yet, humble man to profit mentally from rejection. Profiting from rejection does NOT entail financially capitalizing and flossing money in the woman's face who rejected you. That only makes you look like a desperate fool.

    Profiting mentally from rejection entails deploying a number of self-improvement techniques. First, dealing with the feelings of being rejected allow you to see where you went wrong in your approach. Did you say something that triggered her mind to see you in a negative light that potentially turned her off ? Maybe your game was ok at first. You allegedly said a keyword or phrase that perhaps triggered a negative emotion, or, something adverse that happened from a previous relationship, which is the possibly why she turned away from you. Your shoe game can be tight work, your outfit can "tizzie," and your breath game smelling quite minty. Truth is, it's not all about money when getting with a woman; yet the vernacular you allow to come out of your mouth as a man when striving to court a lady respectfully.

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    Reading is fun to the mental. When we read any book in any topic, we gain a larger understanding of what the concept is and how we're supposed to go about things orderly. Unsure of what to say to a woman when approaching her? Courting her? Or out on a first date? Hopes to avoiding rejection? Simple. When a man reads books and helpful literature online and offline about how to go about courting a woman the right way in hopes of avoiding rejection, a man's creative thinking starts to compile ideas on how to govern himself. This way, he doesn't potentially get rejected before, during, or after dating. There's no doubt rejection in no ways can be avoided, even when a man feels he is doing everything right.

    Men can profit from rejection by continuing your higher education studies. That is, if you haven't yet finished your degree program. Believe it or not, a woman will see you in a different light as your conversation will also change, upon attaining the fruited grains of college education. Having a college degree is a turn on to a woman. It'll significantly reduce your chances of getting rejected. Of course, nothing in life is guaranteed, regardless how much money you have or your level of higher education. But doing the work is always a good thing.

    Ask for Advice from Married Men

    A majority of married men who are honorably devoted to their wives will tell you first hand about what it takes and how you should govern yourself internally and with your outer appearance when courting a woman. This is another silent, yet, humble way of profiting from rejection. If you ask a few married men who are sincere about sharing their success secrets about getting a woman and being accepted by her, you can compare notes on what works and what doesn't. Take mental notes what most men say what works is most likely the area in which you need to brush up on. A real woman will accept you for your genuine heart and character, and NOT for what you are worth financially or level of education achieved. If you feel you've been rejected because of your obtuse financial foundation, then it's time to shift focus and pursue a different kind of woman.

    Humble Yourself and Ask A Woman Out of Your League

    Most men wouldn't dare to seek to profit in learning what it takes to get the woman they desire for by asking the sincere and humble advice of a woman they know is way out of their league. A majority of men would potentially feel intimidated asking a woman and feel less of a man. Truth is, in life, people [women and men] have to take risks at learning from others, even if it requires putting your feelings on the line and making yourself vulnerable in order to learn the [hard knock life] way. Learning the hard way is the only way, and does truly pay mentally in the long run. As a man, it pays to humble yourself and ask a woman, even if you have to ask her [on the Q.T.]

    The best way to profit in life from rejection is through self-analyzation. What approach works and what doesn't. What to say and what not to say, or what not to wear around a woman. The beauty of women is that each one is uniquely tailored, as she is beautiful inside out in her own crafted way. What may work on one woman doesn't always on another. It doesn't mean the man is a loser, a failure, and is not destined to have a [leading lady] in his life. It simply means each woman if different. And sometimes, as a man, you will have to try relationship after relationship, blundering in making all kinds of manly mistakes, until you mature and get it right in learning a woman's mind. And, when you do meet the right woman, keep her mind entertained by treating her like a lady, adoring her, and always making her feel worth it.