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  • #MatureMen: How to Profit Mentally from #RejectionbyWomen

    On a social networking site, a female makes a post that says verbatim: "While you're trying to spit your game, learn to swallow my rejection lmao!!!!!!!!!" For a savvy minded person, rejection is opportunity inverted. It takes a determined, yet, humble man to profit mentally from rejection. Profiting from rejection does NOT entail financially capitalizing and flossing money in the woman's face who rejected you. That only makes you look like a desperate fool. Profiting mentally from rejection entails deploying a number of self-improvement techniques. First, dealing with the feelings of being rejected all...
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  • Ladies: Consider This Before #MeetingaMan to #Date Offline

    #howto #askquestions without the #man #walkingaway -

    Ask him how he feels about

    Going to church and getting saved. Feel the man out for maturity. See what his future goals are. Ask his full name and date of birth, so you can run checks...
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  • 5 Smooth Ways to Ignore Your Ex on #Facebook and The Real World

    Going through a breakup is never nice. Feelings are involved in the moment. Female or male, no one feels good to part ways and know someone else might come along and turn your ex into their soulmate. Unless the person you broke up with either deserved it or just was not a good fit for you for whatever reason, just know it's not the end of the world, as the sea is abundantly contained with "worthwhile fish." Have you ever wondered after a breakup ...
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  • #Capitalize off of Sleazy #Dating Partners by Thinking Positive and #StartaBusiness

    Have you ever struggled with staying and thinking positive after a breakup? Have you ever been dismissed from a relationship because the one you were temporarily dating was secretly sleeping with their ex? A person can't be a professional corporate events director and sleep with their ex at the same time, thinking they hold positive spiritual and relationship worth. ...
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  • #TMZ Interviews Rapper #KevinGates About Incestual Relationship

    Kevin Gates is one rapper who doesn't care 5 cents about being intimate with his alleged 2nd cousin. The rapper recently opened up in a YouTube video about dating a female and later finding out she's family. Kevin Gates goes on to mention in the video "why mess up a good thing?" He sounds as if he ...
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  • A Thank You Message to People From the Past

    After past relationships have ended in your life, don't be surprised if the one who doubted you and secretly put you down behind your back tries to come back around later down the road. Whether it's an ex from 10 years ago, a fake friend who judges your finances and smiles in your face, or people who make you feel left out...they're still secretly checking on your progress in life. And sometimes, they are doing it through ...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post TonyaTKO Discusses Life and Relationships
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    TonyaTKO Discusses Life and Relationships

    Do you have the right person in your life now if you're in a relationship? If so, how is this person contributing to your spiritual and emotional growth? A mate is supposed to be a person that can satisfy you outside the bedroom. Having great bedroom adventures is fine and dandy. But, true stimulation is when not in intimacy mode. TonyaTK...
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  • Relationship Specialist Discusses 'Changing During Dating'

    If a person really wants to change they will do so on their own with the without dating. Is that right? A man can't change a woman. A woman can change a man. You have to be willing to do it of yourself if you desire to achieve great things in life beyond meeting that special someone. Dating and rel...
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  • A Message to All Men Striving for Excellence

    You may possibly know what kind of woman you desire to be with before and while dating her. Your intentions is to be a faithful man to her, and possibly a husband someday. While most women have positive intentions of having a good man in their life and transition into marriage someday hopefully, there are some women who date men just to see what they are about. Be careful of the kind of woman you date. Not all women have alternative intention...
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