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Ladies: Consider This Before #MeetingaMan to #Date Offline

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  • Ladies: Consider This Before #MeetingaMan to #Date Offline

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    Ask him how he feels about

    Going to church and getting saved. Feel the man out for maturity. See what his future goals are. Ask his full name and date of birth, so you can run checks online to verify who he truly is. See where his mind is spiritually. You never know if you might want to marry him later down the line. Better to ask up front. Consider forgiving him if he has made past public character mistakes. Forgiveness will accelerate your personal growth as a woman and show the bigger person in you. Don't be quick to shun him off if he has a blot on his public character profile.

    Sometimes, a genuinely rehabilitated man might be just the one for you that

    intended.Verify his phone number to make sure phone records are in his name, and once again, he truly is who he says he is. Don't be quick to judge him about other areas of his life if he is not living up to par, such as judging his finances, employment or otherwise. But, also question 'after you get to know him better' about certain things if you choose to engage in a serious relationship with him. You want to know if he's worth your time and also where you and him will be potentially in the future together. Some things are good to ask up front so you can do the 'checks and balances' in your mind at the moment in making a determination if the relationship is worth pursuing. Don't ask him off the back end where he works at and how much money he makes before meeting him. He will walk away from you immediately. Use sound judgment when querying him for information.

    As the internet can be a great place to meet singles online, there's also the thought that you too have to play it safe and get to know something about the person before meeting them offline. And if you do meet them offline, meet in a public place so you're comfortable with who you're going to see. Happy internet dating and wishing you success in your quest for love.