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  • #HealthyLiving: Five Easy Ways to Burn Fat On the Job

    1. Eat no breakfast in the morning before starting your work day. 2. Perform one hour of morning cardio on an empty stomach by walking, light running, and jogging on the treadmill. 3. Don't drink anything with calories or carbs in it after accom...
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  • #WeightLoss: 3 Videos You Must Watch Now to Start #LosingWeight

    Want to know the real reason why most people who start weight loss Journeys end up quitting before they achieve their long-term goals of losing weight? It's because of inconsistency. It's because of lack of knowledge. It's because of lack of drive. It's because of lack of having a long-term vision and not having long-term fitness goals. If that sounds like you because you gave up in the past and got tired or lazy in your journey to lose weight and build a lean body, don't sweat the small potatoes. There's nothing wrong with beginning again and restarting your fitness journey to losing weight and living healthier. You're here every day, right? Every new day gives you a grand opportunity to begin again and do the transformation fitness work by restarting your weight loss Journey and getting comfortable with a weight loss regimen tailored just for you. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it because he used to be a lean person in your high school days and possibly...
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  • #WeightLoss Accomplishment: An Achievement Beyond Small Waistlines and a #LeanBody

    It's no easy job to stay motivated in a journey to lose weight. We lose weight, gain weight, lose it again. It's an up and down process that we strive daily for. When we accomplish successful weight loss, it alters our way of thinking. And, when the way of thinking is altered, surely it is changed for the good of positively inspiring others around us. Losing weight is one thing; keeping it off is another. The founder of Drewry News Network falls down at times in staying successful at losing weight and tries to stay active in reading articles and watching videos from others, striving to stay motivated in the journey of staying ...
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  • #JuicingVegetables: Block Estrogen Naturally by Drinking Green Vegetable Juice

    Keeping unhealthy weight down and estrogen suppressed should be every man's goal. Did you know the foods you eat, amount of sleep, vitamin supplementation, and fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juice ingestion affect how your body operates and plays a crucial role in your weight? Eating and drinking leafy greens and regular consumption of green ...
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  • The Ironclad truth about eating raw salmon

    Did you know the human body was not made to ingest raw meat of any kind? When you eat raw or medium rare beef, pork, or Seafood such as raw salmon on a bagel with...
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  • #LoseWeightNow: Cardio Promotes An Acute Mindset

    In everyone’s daily activities, remaining mentally acute can be quite a challenging task. We’re going to work, taking care of our children, cooking, and being additionally productive in any area of our lives that we serve in. Cardiovascular activity performed 1-3 times weekly promotes mental acuity. In addition, intense , or shall I say HIIT “High Intensity Interval Training” cardio helps us to become stronger, not only in our decision making process, but, in our improvement of our persona, thus helping one to sleep better at night. Going to wor...
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  • #HealthyLifestyle: Staying Mentally Sharp

    Sharpening your “mental pencil” involves genuine work of making healthy changes. Striving for greatness in bettering your character is a work that will never finish. Exercising your body daily, in weightlifting , or cardiovascular activity strengthens the mind in making better decisions, improving relationships, and helping to promote better sleep at night. Keeping your mental pencil sharpened is a “beautiful struggle” that brings out the best in anyone, who puts their mind to accomplishing a better lifestyle, through sincere efforts. Achieving a healthier lifestyle in today's era is not easy. It requires getting out of your current comfort zone, in some cases, quitting your cushy day job, doing car...
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  • #TransformingforLife: Achieving #WeightLoss Using #AppleCiderVinegar 'With the Mother'

    Are you one of many folk today who never experimented with Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother for achieving long-term weight loss goals? Have you ever heard of using Vinegar for weight loss? Believe it or not, Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother is used to this very day to aid in a number of health related areas. It can help you lose weight, whiten your teeth, aid in digestion problems, help balance hormones, and more.

    Related: Health properties of ACV - CNN.com In fact, Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother can possibly help you sleep be...
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  • 10 Easy Ways to #LoseWeight and Stay on Track With #EatingRight

    Eating right is a job in itself. You have to be mindful around the clock of what you put into your body. You have to resist temptation as much as possible on all fronts. Truth is everyone is human and makes mistakes. A good thing about making mistakes is it’s not the end of the world when you make one and also a learning opportunity to discover hidden strengths. When you master the positive mindset of eating right, not only will you lose weight on days when you do no cardio or exercise, but you’ll continue to slim down and become...
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  • #EatingRight to Improve #Health and Maintain Longevity

    Healthy eating and transformation goes beyond an 18 week fitness journey. It's a lifetime journey striving for excellence. Getting organized across the board with maintaining consistent good solid nutrition, cardiovascular activity, exercise, and positive thinking are feasible goals anyone can achieve. When you do the transformation work in your mind and heart of having faith and putting faith in action with work, your results can t...
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