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#HealthyLifestyle: Staying Mentally Sharp

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  • #HealthyLifestyle: Staying Mentally Sharp

    Sharpening your “mental pencil” involves genuine work of making healthy changes. Striving for greatness in bettering your character is a work that will never finish. Exercising your body daily, in weightlifting , or cardiovascular activity strengthens the mind in making better decisions, improving relationships, and helping to promote better sleep at night. Keeping your mental pencil sharpened is a “beautiful struggle” that brings out the best in anyone, who puts their mind to accomplishing a better lifestyle, through sincere efforts.

    Achieving a healthier lifestyle in today's era is not easy. It requires getting out of your current comfort zone, in some cases, quitting your cushy day job, doing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach, changing the foods you eat (that's a must and an unwritten rule), exercise, and adapting to new healthy thought patterns. Achieving a healthier lifestyle also requires as an unwritten rule to invest in a juice machine. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetable from foods of the Earth will help you lose weight, gain clarity of thought, make better business and personal decisions, and possibly sleep better at night.

    Making healthy changes is no easy job. We must get out of our comfort zone and adjust to new patterns which make us feel uncomfortable sometimes. Have you every felt so uncomfortable that you just do what you have to do , in order to be finished with it ? That’s because when we're placed in uncomfortable situations in life, it virtually forces us to ‘come out swinging.’ Coming out swinging in a positive sense, where you pull everything you have mentally in efforts of being better in all you do.. An example of someone that is uncomfortable can perhaps be someone who is teased because he or she is overweight. Yes, being put down is no good feeling. But, when you've had enough and it truly gets to the person’s emotions, most overweight people get out of their zone of comfort and work towards transforming their mindset and body. It may be quite a hurtful feeling at the moment to feel belittled due to being overweight. Using negative energy in making healthy changes should inspire you to be a better person spiritually, mentally, and physically. Investing in your health now is best investment the person who put you down made in you. Go above and beyond because you feel you can do what people think you can't. Juice fresh fruits and vegetables. Do more cardio in the morning. Eat right. Think positive. Treat people good even when they do you wrong.

    Your naysayers gave you the indirect motivation to succeed. Take their energy and run with it by turning your life around. Show them how much of a smaller person they are by telling you virtually how good of a person you’re not. Adversity opens doors of spontaneous opportunity.

    Life's obstacles are nothing more than hidden blessings. They help us think of creative and strategic ways to overcome obstacles placed before us. When plotting to succeed, we think of ways to intellectually get ahead, and keeping a positive character along the way. When one has accomplished overcoming a hurdle in life, you can look back and feel good about how creative and mature judgment helped to make you a better person, and better thy character.



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