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#WeightLoss: 3 Videos You Must Watch Now to Start #LosingWeight

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  • #WeightLoss: 3 Videos You Must Watch Now to Start #LosingWeight

    #weightloss #inspiration for #people looking to get #healthy and #loseweight #longterm

    Want to know the real reason why most people who start weight loss Journeys end up quitting before they achieve their long-term goals of losing weight? It's because of inconsistency. It's because of lack of knowledge. It's because of lack of drive. It's because of lack of having a long-term vision and not having long-term fitness goals. If that sounds like you because you gave up in the past and got tired or lazy in your journey to lose weight and build a lean body, don't sweat the small potatoes. There's nothing wrong with beginning again and restarting your fitness journey to losing weight and living healthier. You're here every day, right? Every new day gives you a grand opportunity to begin again and do the transformation fitness work by restarting your weight loss Journey and getting comfortable with a weight loss regimen tailored just for you.

    Why do you want to lose weight? Is it because he used to be a lean person in your high school days and possibly gained over 100 lb over the last 20 years? Do you want to lose weight because you were harassed by your employer who indirectly spoke about your weight situation in front of other employees and subliminally humiliated you? Do you want to lose weight because a family member slandered you? Do you want to lose weight because someone that goes to your church that claims to be saved sides with another family member against you and the person they took sides with actively engaging in adultery? Whatever your reason is for losing weight, make sure this time around you stay on track with your eating, cardio, and exercise regimen. Negative energy and experiences have a unique way of positively inspiring a person to achieve more than losing weight and building a lean attractive body. Losing weight should be a pattern you developed and maintained as a lifestyle along with building a healthy body for life. If you truly desire to achieve renewed fitness of the spirit, mind and body, your bookmark this thread and reference it in the future and share with everyone you know on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and discuss in YouTube videos.

    Apple cider vinegar with the mother for weight loss: many people on youtube. Com clean to have benefited from drinking apple cider vinegar with the mother combined and water and drinking it consistently for a week whereas they lost 10 pounds. While it's very possible to lose weight every week by implementing a unique combination of eating right and separating times between meals, doing your cardio, getting proper rest at night, and drinking apple cider vinegar, it is quite questionable if some of these people are actually telling the truth in YouTube videos that they lost 10 lb in one week time. It's realistic to lose roughly around 5 lb a week or close to 5 lb weekly drinking a vinegar mixture in 1 gallon of water. if you have a 32 oz bottle of apple cider vinegar with the mother by Bragg nutrition, simply follow the directions on the bottle when adding vinegar to your gallon of water. Always remember that consistency plays a major role in your weight loss success. That said, should you decide to get down with the ACV with the mother by Bragg regimen, this means you should be having your gallon of vinegar water ingested on a daily basis, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach before starting your morning cardio on the treadmill or morning workout.

    The video above from YouTube demonstrates how anyone can add apple cider vinegar by Bragg nutrition in their life to achieve great Fitness transformation results and help them get back on track with eating right and cardiovascular activity.

    Ways to eat healthy by steaming food instead of traditional cooking: did you know steaming food actually bleeds hidden sodium and most unhealthy fat calories out of food and draws out water? It's a good choice to steam meat instead of cooking in heavy sauce and here's why. When you cook food in sauce or fry meat, cooking food in heavy sauce adds to the water and sodium content and will show in your body in the next 6 months to 1-year as you slowly and steadily gain weight from fat and water from meat consumption. When you fry meat, you increase unhealthy cholesterol levels in your body because the human body is not supposed to ingest fried food. Fried food allegedly messes with your DNA and hormones. Leave the fried foods alone and resort to steaming food instead. You'll notice in four to six weeks of eating steamed food whether it's meat or vegetables how your body is steadily losing weight, losing water and fat weight simultaneously while getting a smaller waistline and achieving healthier body weight after stepping on the weight scale and seeing visual results in reduced weight.

    Cardiovascular activity in the morning on an empty stomach: this is one help pattern many people find difficult adjusting to. It requires getting out of your current comfort zone and sticking to a strict pattern of getting up in the morning after morning prayer first and doing cardiovascular activity secondly on an empty stomach. When you do cardio on an empty stomach, you force your body to release stored body fat, temporarily go into intermittent fasting mode, and potentially keep your body in a fat incinerating mode throughout the day potentially up to 6 hours after completing morning cardio. If you do morning cardio on an empty stomach for 1 hour, that's when your body will potentially burn fat up to six hours afterwards. This is why it's important to do cardio on an empty stomach because everybody wants a flat stomach and a smooth waistline. But the truth of the matter is, once you start doing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach, your mind will adjust to the healthy pattern of getting up in the morning and getting that metabolism going. do morning cardio on an empty stomach for 4 to 6 weeks and you're virtually guaranteed to see physical and visual results in the mirror and on the weight scale, keeping you inspired to do the transformation work at full strength and losing more unhealthy weight.

    If you feel this thread has inspired you in any way to make healthy changes and lose weight, feel free to share with everyone you know on LinkedIn.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com, Tumblr.com, and Pinterest.com.



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