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  • #SuccessInBusiness: Making Good from a Negative #OnlineReview

    When haters hate and attack, counterattack that. Not with physical violence, but complex intelligence. Show adversity your humble and intellectual defense is relentless. There's a way to handle everything without coming out of character. Forbes has an interesting article discussing "how to handle haters online." The article pretty much goes into detail how to handle people who give negative reviews on the Internet about you or your website. Make no mistake as positive as you can be as an entrepreneur or an everyday person moving forward in your life transformation, someone somewhere hiding in the wood works is always going to hate on you and the good things you're striving for excellence to achieve. There's no way of moving forward faithfully in life without dealing with hat...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Producing Two #PressReleases Daily for 2 Years Yields Fruitful Results in Your #SideHustle

    One plus one equals two, right? Two is all you need to succeed. Two of what, most people wonder. Well, when I talk about 2 for 2, it refers to doing something online that will put you over the top in 2. If you would really like to know what 2 for 2 is, please feel free to read on carefully. Two articles written daily for two years will get anyone out of a day job situation they do not like being in. Nevermind automated social bookmarking. Nevermind automated content, or site scraping other people's stuff. Nevermind republishing content from article sites and using it as yours to gain an advantage in the search engines, backlinks and viral traffic from social n...
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  • #DomainNames and #OnlineRealEstate: Domain Name Branding and URL Personalization is 'Good for Business'

    Some people are still in the dark in today's era of information technology and side hustling about the importance of branding your online real estate with your personalized domain name. Some people feel they can earn a 100% online living by blogging on free platforms such as Tumblr.com, WordPress.com, LiveJournal.com, and Medium.com. While free platforms are good in a sense to publish content as you please without shelling out one dime for purchasing a domain name and "dedicated web hosting," little d...
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  • #YoastSEO: Your Search Engine Optimization Depends on Yoast for WordPress

    Search engine optimization is and always will be one of the hottest topics discussed across the internet. Everyone with a blog wants to rank higher in Bing.com, Google.com and YaHoO.com. Evergreen content marketing, relationships with fellow publishers, and showcasing a product or service in demand will automatically boost natural search engine rankings and help you rank higher in search engine results pages. Most importantly, quality written content posted on a daily basis to a blog wil...
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  • #GDPR: DrewryNewsNetwork Announces #EuropeanUnion Compliance

    In compliance with the EU (European Union) and the new law concerning privacy and disclosure, Drewry News Network is pleased to announce that Dnn is now GDPR compliant. For European site visitors of Dnn, you'll have to opt on to accept the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) before proceeding to DrewryNewsNetwork. The GDPR European law went into full effect May 25, 2018. The new EU GDPR law affects all businesses across the world. ...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Dnn is Appreciative of Increased Support from Readers

    Dnn has been working rather hard today in overdrive on the site content, striving for excellence in serving you meaningful pages. It's a beautiful labor of love in striving for excellence to serve you with good...
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  • #SEO: No Need for #SearchEngineOptimization Software in #ContentMarketing

    Millions of people today either amateur or experienced marketers often struggle with search engine optimization. Optimizing for search engines, also known as SEO, is a process of fine-tuning your blogger website to rank well in bing, Google, and Yahoo search engine results pages for the purpose stop getting traffic to a site and earning online sales and repeat customers. Good search engine optimization not only helps a blogger website rank high in search engine results pages, but it also helps site get traffic without publishing content daily for ...
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  • #SideHuslteMillionaire: Stop Worrying About What People Think and Get That Side Hustle Going

    Want to defeat the day job scene? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Judged by your employer, peers, family, and phony people who only hang around you when they think you're doing good and have a few bucks to your name? Sick of people ignoring you and then trying to speak direct or speak through other people when they see you or know you have money? It's time to distance yourself from those kinds of folks and get that side hustle going. Fear failure? Are you scared of not succeeding? Are you excited about getting another cushy job that pays a can of beans? Stop feeling blue and get glad. Starting an online side hustle can possibly put you in the drivers seat to be a near future side hustle millionaire. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, Ryan Biddul...
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  • #PinterestMarketing: Stepping Up Your Content Marketing Game

    Are you excited about making the healthy career change from an average day job employee who's undervalued by an unthankful employer to a dedicated affiliate marketer, blogger, content marketer, and online side hustler? If you're not excited yet, you should be. Why? The internet provides unspoken employment opportunities for people looking to maximize its potential to build a business onlin...
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  • #MarketingResearch: You Must Gather Necessary #Data Together for Your #Research to be Effective in #AffiliateMarketing Strategies to be a #SideHustleMillionaire

    Quality marketing research allows marketers to gather sensitive data to analyze and compare against quantitative and qualitative data to make informed marketing decisions before making attempts to promote any product or service to a target audience. Savvy marketers don't go into a marketing promotion blind and force feed and audience with services and products in hopes of possibly reaping a return on investment as a form of marketing instant gratification. They gather and analyze data as a means of knowing beforehand what they're getting themselves into. The following information below is a sample analysis how some marketers would gather qualitative and quantitati...
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  • #DigitalMarketing: Increase Customers and #Sales with Effective Web Strategies

    CEO of Macys.com Peter Sachse speaks on "online marketing" and driving web traffic from the internet into Macys stores. Are you doing this to help build online awareness for your traditional or web business? Whether you're doing your online side hustle to earn extra money and stay on your day job or to build a million dollar internet business, everyone needs a dedicated server, blog, or website if you desire to respectively bui...
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  • #TerminatedtoMillionaire: Improve #AffiliateEarning Potential Now by #Thinking Like a #SideHustleMillionaire

    One of the things many affiliates struggle with when they strive to effectively promote affiliate programs is increasing affiliate revenue through various promotional methods. If you're one of many who plan on making affiliate marketing a full-time career and in the current transition from employee to entrepreneur with the mindset of quitting your day job soon, you probably need to watch the video above on YouTube.com. The video above for a mature and intermediate affiliate discusse...
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  • #AffiliateMarketing: Making Money from Affiliate Links in #YouTube Videos

    Most affiliate marketers never thought of this useful tactic. How about the idea of adding "cloaked affiliate links" in every new YouTube video uploaded to your channel? You can use a free affiliate link cloaking service such as bit.ly to "cloak affiliate links" and add them in your video descriptions on YouTube. Besides, adding affiliate links in YouTube videos is a great way to potentially make money online without having a blog or website and spending absolutely no money. It's not guaranteed that someone will click the affiliate ...
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  • #YouTube: Video Preacher Gives Multiple Reviews on Websites and Blogs

    Who exactly is "preacher?" Is he an Internet marketer? Is he a blogger? Is he an affiliate marketer? We know he reads the Scriptures. We know he likes making YouTube videos. We know he likes creating "reviews of blogs and websites on YouTube videos." But who exactly is preacher? Most people know him as a virtually fast talking person who moves his tongue virtually over 100 miles an hour. He wears glasses. Is preacher married? Does preacher have kids? How old is preacher? Who knows this "gentleman who calls himself preacher on YouTube videos?"

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    Preacher says he does "a lot of studying online" followed by saying [oh yeah], in the review of EHustleonline YouTube.com video. What kind of studying?

    Preacher speaks on "EHustleonline.com" Preacher talks about "exercise and t...
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  • #MarketingonPinterest: Are #AffiliateMarketers and #Bloggers Using #Pinterest to Its Fullest #Marketing Potential?

    Dear bloggers and online marketers,

    Are you consistent with your Pinterest marketing? Did you know Pinterest is free of charge to join and no longer requires an invite? If you run a blog or full-time online business and not using the free social image pinning site to leverage free traffic and increase your online revenue potential, chances are you're leaving long $ gUaP $ on the table.

    Related: Pinterest and running with big name advertisers - NYTimes.com In a December tweet posted on Twitter.com, studies show: Study shows Pinterest shoppers spend 77% more than Facebook shoppers http://t.co/TaoRTGAmMe— Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV) December 3, 2013 ...
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