In compliance with the EU (European Union) and the new law concerning privacy and disclosure, Drewry News Network is pleased to announce that Dnn is now GDPR compliant. For European site visitors of Dnn, you'll have to opt on to accept the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) before proceeding to DrewryNewsNetwork. The GDPR European law went into full effect May 25, 2018. The new EU GDPR law affects all businesses across the world.

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Affiliate marketers, bloggers, side hustle millionaires, and trillion dollar United States corporations are all responsible for being GDPR compliant. Failure to do so in a timely fashion can potentiall result in fines up to $20 million or possibly more imposed by the European Union.

For European site visitors, they must click the green box to accept terms and give permission of free will before viewing this site. European site visitors visiting Dnn from search engine listings and social networks will see a large box asking for their consent with a clear and concise message in the contents of the pop-up box that Dnn is now in EU GDPR compliance.