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#YoastSEO: Your Search Engine Optimization Depends on Yoast for WordPress

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  • #YoastSEO: Your Search Engine Optimization Depends on Yoast for WordPress

    Search engine optimization is and always will be one of the hottest topics discussed across the internet. Everyone with a blog wants to rank higher in, and Evergreen content marketing, relationships with fellow publishers, and showcasing a product or service in demand will automatically boost natural search engine rankings and help you rank higher in search engine results pages. Most importantly, quality written content posted on a daily basis to a blog will rank higher guaranteed in search engine results pages, instantly resulting in an increase in search engine traffic, potential backlinks, and potential increased online sales. But you can't rank higher in search engine results pages without producing “lots and lots of content.” Doing the transformation business work by producing quality written Evergreen content will help you improve SEO and possibly as little as six months. Remember, the key to success in search engine optimization is writing quality Evergreen content and staying consistent in your content marketing efforts. And if you run a self-hosted WordPress blog as your side hustle, you also need the right WordPress plugins to keep your blog visible in search engines and displaying content effectively to your target blog reading audience.

    If you don't already have the yoast SEO WordPress plugin installed, is highly recommended you do so today. Reason being is because they have a free and premium version available to Wordpress bloggers of all Mitch's. You definitely want yoast SEO installed as your go to WordPress plugin for automatic search engine optimization. Yoast SEO automatically formats your sitemap for Google. It helps you configure taxonomies. You can formulate your meta description anyway you’d like. And more. The free version of yoast is quite effective for WordPress bloggers to instantly download and install.

    The beauty about yoast SEO for WordPress is they have a plethora of articles for you to read to help you better configure the WordPress plugin for your blog. Once configured to your liking, the plugin will begin optimizing for all major search engines and help your WordPress blog rank better. Of course, you can download and install it without any configurations as yoast SEO automatically works right out the box.

    If you already have SEO yoast installed for your WordPress, you may want to take a look at this free SEO yoast course for WordPress beginners.

    Check back regularly for posts discussing WordPress plugins and which WP plugins work best for SEO and online sales. If you're looking to transition from the day job seen two full-time entrepreneur by starting a self-hosted WordPress blog as a side hustle, you definitely need to stay tuned to DNN.