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#DomainNames and #OnlineRealEstate: Domain Name Branding and URL Personalization is 'Good for Business'

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  • #DomainNames and #OnlineRealEstate: Domain Name Branding and URL Personalization is 'Good for Business'

    #domainname #branding is important when #before & #after #establishing your #online #realestate so #people know what your #business is #about

    Some people are still in the dark in today's era of information technology and side hustling about the importance of branding your online real estate with your personalized domain name. Some people feel they can earn a 100% online living by blogging on free platforms such as,,, and While free platforms are good in a sense to publish content as you please without shelling out one dime for purchasing a domain name and "dedicated web hosting," little do most people know that their content can and will be deleted for no reason if in the event someone objects to your publications. There are people online who do nothing more than bring others down by wrongfully reporting content because of a personal vendetta against the publisher. When that happens, all of your hard work creating that content is virtually flushed down the toilet. Unless you have the content backed up on a MYSQL offline database, or backed up in a desktop version of Word document. If your content is deleted for whatever reason from a free publishing platform, you can always purchase a domain name, reserve "dedicated web hosting," install WordPress on your "dedicated server," and use your domain name and server to build up the presence of your online real estate.

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    Stay tuned for more coming soon on the importance of "personal branding of your online real estate with a domain name. And whatever you do, if an online hosting company offers you a free domain name with your web hosting packages, do NOT take it. Pay for your domain and NEVER accept free. Next post coming will alert you of the "dangers of accepting free domain names from web hosting providers."