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  • #SweetPotatoes: Juicing Sweet Potatoes in a Juice Machine May Benefit #Testosterone

    Slice the sweet potato very thin. Place sliced sweet potatoes one by one into a juicing machine. Make sure your cup is underneath the juicer, so it catches every drop of the sweet potato juice. Juice every slice of the sweet potato, until they are all juiced. Drink & enjoy.

    Hint: Drinking sweet potato...
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  • #PersonalHealth: Time to Invest in a Juice Machine for #BetterHealth

    Fruit and vegetable juicing machines continued to prove themselves worthy to have in households today. As healthcare costs continue to rise without prior notice on most occasions, some people seek alternative ways to stay in good health without consistently visiting a doctor. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables in a juicing machine is a g...
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  • #JuicingVegetables: Immune Boosting Juicing Tips

    Drew Canole is an online authority on YouTube, when it comes to choosing fresh fruits and vegetables for increased health and vitality. He helps people regain their wellness and energy by way of giving away free information on his website and his video channel. If you're looking to boost your immune system, lose weight and get healthier, Drew Canole will definitely keep you inspired to make all kinds of healthy changes. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables increases the fitness of the mind, helps you think more positive, and encourages you to ex...
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  • #HealthyLifestyle: Staying Mentally Sharp

    Sharpening your “mental pencil” involves genuine work of making healthy changes. Striving for greatness in bettering your character is a work that will never finish. Exercising your body daily, in weightlifting , or cardiovascular activity strengthens the mind in making better decisions, improving relationships, and helping to promote better sleep at night. Keeping your mental pencil sharpened is a “beautiful struggle” that brings out the best in anyone, who puts their mind to accomplishing a better lifestyle, through sincere efforts. Achieving a healthier lifestyle in today's era is not easy. It requires getting out of your current comfort zone, in some cases, quitting your cushy day job, doing car...
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  • #WeightLoss: How to Increase Fat Burning Naturally Without #WeightLossSupplements

    Keeping body fat levels low is a job inside out. Staying persistent with exercise and cardiovascular activity, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach helps human body fat levels stay at an all time low. Eating healthy and preparing foods by way of steaming lean meats and juicing fresh fruits and vegetables helps to increase energy, metabolic rate, as well as keep unwanted calories hampered.

    Related: The 5 Biggest Fat Myths - Transforming your physique is not as hard as one may think. All it takes is determination, discipline, and an open mind to making all sorts of healthy changes. Most folk find it quite challenging to change their way of eatin...
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  • #JuicingVegetables: The Price of #Juicing

    Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is by far the best healthcare investment made in yourself. It builds immunity toward visiting the doctor. It aids in raising natural Testosterone levels, cleanses the liver, aids the eyes in supplying Beta-Carotene, and provide fiber for your colo...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post Trouble in HuffPo Land?
    in News

    Trouble in HuffPo Land?

    Arianna Huffington, founder and editor in chief of is leaving the company says Reuters. It was acquired a while back by America Online - for an alleged $315 million. Why is Arianna leaving now? Reuters says she's pursuing a new venture - a wellness startup? Will be be the founder of a new website starring i...
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  • #LosingWeight by #JuicingVegetables: Possible?

    One thing most people today don't think too much about is changing their mindset by watching what they put into their bodies. Is this you? Looking to lose weight and feel like a new person inside out? Truth be told you have to change the way you eat and think. No if's, and's, or but's about it....
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  • FitlifeTV Canole Discusses #Depression

    Depression is likely to start kicking in as your body ages. No one can completely halt the aging process in their bodies. Eating right by ingesting good solid nutrition, exercise and cardiovascular activity are some of the keys to accomplishing transformation excellence. Many people can suppress feelings of depression by incorporating new healthy patterns while possibly feeling renewed feelings of passion for life. If a person desires a better lifestyle, it starts with positive thinking and doing everything else needed to ach...
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  • Juicing #Watermelon Rhine Works for #WeightLoss? Who Does That?

    Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables has more health benefits than you can imagine. In watching calorie consumption, getting down the pounds, reducing carb and sodium intake while increasing electrolyte absorption into the body, slice Watermelon rinds small enough , so they can be juiced inside of an automated juicing machine. This may sounds weird and awkward, but juicing watermelon rinds are not only good for the body, but, watermelon is the most neglected and nutritiously beneficial part of the watermelon. Believe it or not, the watermelon rind contains all of the nutrients and digestive enzymes your body needs to effectively function. If you were to cut the rind into small halves and juice the watermelon rind in a juicing machine, you can then mix another fruit or vegetable in making the juice tasty. Drinking watermelon rind juice alone after juicing it in a juicer may not taste very appealing, but something can be added to it to dress up the taste. ...
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  • #Transformation: #JuicingVegetables to #LoseWeight

    Did you know juice fresh vegetables and drink the juice you nurture your body to live enzymes and electrolytes to sustain daily energy? Whether you thought about it or not, drinking fresh pressed juice from your juice machine does more than assist in the process of weight loss transformation. You invest in your personal health and reduce the need to visit your local doctor, helping you save money on healthcare visits. Drew Canole, founder of FitLifeTV keeps p...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic #Garlic for #WeightLoss?

    #Garlic for #WeightLoss?

    Did you know you can use garlic to potentially lose weight and get back in shape? Garlic can not only help you lose weight and get in shape, but also, assist in digestion. It''s a fact garlic helps boost the immune system. And, incorporating garlic into your daily diet and fruit-vegetable juicing regimens, you can potentially lose weight long-term, while boosting your immune system and getting healthy. According to Shape, this is what they have to ...
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  • Inspiring #JuiceRecipe For Reduction of #AbdominalGirth

    Slimming down for the purpose of looking good for summer and staying in shape year round should be your ultimate fitness priority. Maintaining a healthy midsection accelerates confidence, humility, and commands people to see you in a positive light. If you're not already an owner of a juice machine, now is the time to c...
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  • How to Detoxify Liver and Regain Energy

    #Detotify the #liver and get #healthy by #JuicingVegetables -

    It's normal as you age that your level will be mildly contaminated with oxidants. Oxidation within the liver can come from consumption of alcohol, fried foods, polluted air, and the list goes on. Keeping your liver healthy is not as hard as you think. Drinking up to 1 gallon of water daily, 20 min. of cardio a day, eating right, and getting a good nights rest...
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  • Best Weight Loss Juicing Recipe

    Transformation fitness and food juicing expert shows you in a YouTube video how to lose weight with vegetable juicing. If you're been struggling with weight loss and looking for unique ways to overcome the battle of the bulge, and gain a different outlook on life, vegetable juicing is a great way ing...
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