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#SweetPotatoes: Juicing Sweet Potatoes in a Juice Machine May Benefit #Testosterone

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  • #SweetPotatoes: Juicing Sweet Potatoes in a Juice Machine May Benefit #Testosterone

    Slice the sweet potato very thin. Place sliced sweet potatoes one by one into a juicing machine. Make sure your cup is underneath the juicer, so it catches every drop of the sweet potato juice. Juice every slice of the sweet potato, until they are all juiced. Drink & enjoy.

    Hint: Drinking sweet potato juice may have a positive testosterone boosting effect in men. According to Steroidal, sweet potato is one of many vegetables possibly used in the process of synthesizing and manufacturing androgenic anabolic steroids.

    That said, this vegetable has "natural plant sterols" to naturally raise Testosterone in men, giving slight and steady T boosts over time. That is, if the sweet potato juice is consumed often.

    Something to think about if you're looking to stay "natty."