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FitlifeTV Canole Discusses #Depression

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  • FitlifeTV Canole Discusses #Depression

    Depression is likely to start kicking in as your body ages. No one can completely halt the aging process in their bodies. Eating right by ingesting good solid nutrition, exercise and cardiovascular activity are some of the keys to accomplishing transformation excellence. Many people can suppress feelings of depression by incorporating new healthy patterns while possibly feeling renewed feelings of passion for life. If a person desires a better lifestyle, it starts with positive thinking and doing everything else needed to achieve the goal of overcoming depression.

    Have you noticed in your 20s you tend to feel extremely happy towards life? This is because your hormones are possibly at their prime. For men in their 20s, peak levels of testosterone potentially suppress feelings of depression. As a man ages beyond 30, his testosterone levels decrease, thus, causing potential weight gain, depression, erectile dysfunction and so on. For women, feelings of depression may potentially kick in starting in their early 40s.This is possibly due to smoking, drinking, losing sleep, stress, and hormonal challenges.

    Drew Canole advocates living a healthy lifestyle and does a great job doing just that. If you find yourself struggling with feelings of depression today, have you taken time to think about your current lifestyle, additionally to your eating patterns? Is your diet currently healthy? Are you exercising and doing cardio at least twice weekly? If you find yourself answering no to these questions, don't lose hope towards life. Virtually everyone starts to embrace feelings of depression. Doing the transformation work of eating properly, cardio and moderate exercise not only suppresses feelings of depression, but help you feel an increase of self worth.

    Helpful tips how to possibly overcome depression:

    1. Do cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and wait one hour after completing cardio to ingest a nutrient rich protein shake for small meal. By taking this simple approach towards weight loss and reshaping your body, you will potentially promote the increased flow of endorphins in your body, which will possibly help overcome depression and raise feelings of happiness, while burning calories throughout the day.

    2.Purchase a juicing machine. Juicing vegetables in a juice machine supplies your body with key nutrients needed to sustain energy, build quality muscle, improve mental cognition and reshape how you view life.

    3. Think positive. Everyone is going through something in life. You're not the only one who feels depressed at times. Looking at the better side of things in life will give you feelings of hope toward making and achieving excellence of renewed health in your life transformation. It's truly amazing how thinking positive will help you overcome depression, lose weight, get better grades in school, and be an honorable example of a transformation champion for others to follow.

    4. Never quit in the uncertain game called life. Many life challenges will come along to knock you down mentally and spiritually. This is where depression creeps in. When you feel you can't overcome a certain challenge in life, continue doing the transformation work with prayer, cardiovascular activity, and continue eating healthy often so your body benefits from good solid nutrition. Exercise often. Most importantly, help others succeed in their transformations by being of service without expectation. This will certainly help you overcome any depression you feel.

    Drew Canole continues to inspire people with creative ideas of how to better their health.Be mindful transformation is a lifetime journey in going above and beyond making physical healthy changes. Believe and you shall achieve.



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