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  • #DonaldTrump Needs to do the #Transformation Work and #LoseWeight

    How many people agree it's long overdue for Donald Trump to get started on a new year's goal and achieve 2019 weight loss?
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  • #HealthyLifestyle: Thinking Healthy and Striving to Stay in Good Health

    It's good solid nutrition super Thursday. Be thankful for any and all healthy changes you're quietly accomplishing. If you've fallen a bit with eating and or missing workouts or cardio at the gym, don't give up. Pick yourself up and keep doing the transformation work, while believing you can achieve greater things. Don't ever surrender. Keep fighting like a true champion and with a heart of humility. Make it a great day with believing in yourself and giving thanks. Aside from cardio, exercise and good solid nutrition, be thankfu...
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  • Possible to Live a Life Eating Only #RawFood?

    Living a 100% vegetarian life is not easy for anyone. Even if you've never been a carnivorous being, there comes times in everyone's lives where they eat food outside of their rules. Living a 100% vegan life requires much discipline. One reason why many people today avoid trying to live a 100% vegan life is because of not possibly getting enough protein in their daily diets. Another reason is because some people would arguably agreeing it's just too difficul...
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  • #KimKardashian Inspires Everyone With Her 70+ #WeightLossTransformation

    It's a tough job for a new mother to lose weight after giving birth. She has emotional challenges to deal with. A new mother has to deal with weight gain challenges. Challenges such as those takes a toll on the mind. Why? A mother has so much to deal with at once. Kim Kardashian is showing the world mothers c...
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  • Fun Facts About #Watermelon

    Did you know Watermelon aids in:
    • Exercise tolerance
    • Cardiovascular motivation
    • Improved libido
    • Cognitive function
    • Reduction of Cortisol
    • Improving blood flow and reducing clots
    • Building lean muscle by converting to Nitric Oxide
    and more.

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  • #KevinLevrone's Inspiring Diet

    Kevin Levrone's discipline in fitness and eating healthy is an inspiration to all. He's dedicated himself to eating nutritious foods over 20 years and rarely falls off track. His way of healthy eating inspires people desiring to make healthy changes through nutrition appealing and attainable. Ever wondered...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic #Garlic for #WeightLoss?

    #Garlic for #WeightLoss?

    Did you know you can use garlic to potentially lose weight and get back in shape? Garlic can not only help you lose weight and get in shape, but also, assist in digestion. It''s a fact garlic helps boost the immune system. And, incorporating garlic into your daily diet and fruit-vegetable juicing regimens, you can potentially lose weight long-term, while boosting your immune system and getting healthy. According to Shape, this is what they have to ...
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  • #Eating with #Garlic is Beneficial to Your #Health

    Adding Garlic to just about any meal is a wise choice for anyone looking to improve their health. Garlic is a natural substance of the earth created for the intention of benefiting the human body. If you've ever watched the movie Blade starring Wesley Snipes, you'll notice in a scene where silver nitrate and garlic was used to deter demons. Although ingesting garlic won't deter demons in real life, it'll aid your body in positive ways.

    Benefits of Garlic include:
    • improving cardiovascular output
    • naturally boosting testosterone
    • aids in digestion and break down of food
    • boosting the immune system
    • aids in proper clotting of the blood
    • cancer cell shrinkage
    • boost libido and sperm count
    It's better to consume small amounts of sliced garlic in your food versus cooking it. You want...
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  • Chobani.com Promotes Healthy Eating with 'Light Evening Snack'

    It's an uphill battle eating healthy. You have to exercise, do cardio, and most importantly, watch calorie consumption. Too many calories means enlarged waistline, weight gain, disruption...
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  • 3 Things Recommended to Combat Hunger Cravings

    You're on track to better health and wellness if you're sticking to your New Year's weight loss resolution. Getting back on track with your workout and goals can be challenging when beginning your transformation. Especially, if your main goal is to lose weight and get your waistline slimmer. You've probably made some weight-loss progress and possibly s...
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  • How to Select The Right Foods at Hibachi Buffet Restaurants

    It's easy to get off track with dieting. You may sometimes go to a buffet restaurant and see all kinds of delicious food not healthy for you. Temptation kicks in. Pizza, fried chicken wings, sugary filled dessert, fried rice, and other forms of greasy food you love indulging in time to time tempts you as you try to ward off the feeling of giving in. Healthy selections of the right foods are nearby. If you're striving for excellence to get back on track with eating the right foods to nurture your body and stay on track with your workout goals, here's a quick short list of choice healthy foods to eat while enjoying yourself at any hibachi buffet restaurant:...
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  • Achieve Transformation Progress Through Positive Works

    No matter how far off track anyone has fell in past years in their spiritual and physical goals, the new year always gives everyone opportunities to get back on track in all ways positively...
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  • Achieve Better Health Now Through Morning Exercise

    Most people overlook exercising in the morning, but it does more good than a lot of people think. Exercising in the morning shouldn't be ignored before starting work day....
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