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  • Promotes Healthy Eating with 'Light Evening Snack'

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    It's an uphill battle eating healthy. You have to exercise, do cardio, and most importantly, watch calorie consumption. Too many calories means enlarged waistline, weight gain, disruption in libido and sleep patterns, and shift in attitude. With good solid nutrition and calorie counting, you can achieve your health-reviving goals and then some. has an inspiring health food video on discussing "late evening healthy snacks." If you must have something to eat after 7 p.m. thought recommended not to eat after 7 in the evening, yogurt makes a very good exception to the rule.

    Chobani on YouTube says: Australian cook Justine Schofield shows you how to create two #PlainInspiring Chobani Creations, perfect for a light and healthy evening snack.

    Enjoy the video and always remember eating healthy is a lifetime healthcare investment in yourself.