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  • #Breakups: Is There a Way to Move on #ForgetYourEx and #ProfitFromYourEx?

    Feelings felt after a relationship breakup are never easy to deal with. There's an array of feelings flying all over the place mentally. 1 minute you feel sad. The next minute, angry. The next minute, who knows. When a breakup happens, it should really give you a lot to think about in terms of what went wrong. Can a relationship be reinstated? Maybe. Maybe not. Whatever you do immediately after the breakup happens, do not under any circumstances call your ex to reconcile. She or he is in their feelings in the moment and will possibly nine times out of 10 do everything in their power to avoid you, even if this means speaking through other people to you and issuing veiled threats. Some people tend to cry rivers when a breakup happens. This is normal. You're hurt. The person you love is walking away from you for whatever reason. We're human and have feelings. It's perfectly normal to feel adverse feelings in the moment because something catastrophic ...
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  • Unwritten Rules: Moving Forward After a #BadRelationship #Breakup

    Move on without further contact after your ex parted ways with you. Mature from your dating experience. See where the relationship went wrong on your own time schedule. Make changes in yourself, your character, and how you relate to others so you can have better future dating experiences that possibly lead ...
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  • 5 Smooth Ways to Ignore Your Ex on #Facebook and The Real World

    Going through a breakup is never nice. Feelings are involved in the moment. Female or male, no one feels good to part ways and know someone else might come along and turn your ex into their soulmate. Unless the person you broke up with either deserved it or just was not a good fit for you for whatever reason, just know it's not the end of the world, as the sea is abundantly contained with "worthwhile fish." Have you ever wondered after a breakup ...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Never Do This With Anyone After a Breakup

    Never Do This With Anyone After a Breakup

    A breakup is not always an opportunity for a makeup. It's a time to reflect on self and what went wrong. It's not a time to cry to your former partner why she or he is parting ways with you nor a time to bargain with them to stay with you. A breakup is a priceless learning experience and just that. Perhaps it was meant to happen with the subliminal intent on making you a better person. What seems in the moment to be a bad event and being a blessing in disguise later down the road. The bad event transforming into a blessing can re...
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  • #Capitalize off of Sleazy #Dating Partners by Thinking Positive and #StartaBusiness

    Have you ever struggled with staying and thinking positive after a breakup? Have you ever been dismissed from a relationship because the one you were temporarily dating was secretly sleeping with their ex? A person can't be a professional corporate events director and sleep with their ex at the same time, thinking they hold positive spiritual and relationship worth. ...
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  • Why It's Not a Good Idea To Get Your Ex Back

    When a relationship is terminated, you should cease from all communication with that person. Does not matter how deep your feelings are for the individual. Cease from any and all communication, whether it be on social media, telephone, or otherwise. No speaking through other people is allowed. Forget ...
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  • A Message to All Men Striving for Excellence

    You may possibly know what kind of woman you desire to be with before and while dating her. Your intentions is to be a faithful man to her, and possibly a husband someday. While most women have positive intentions of having a good man in their life and transition into marriage someday hopefully, there are some women who date men just to see what they are about. Be careful of the kind of woman you date. Not all women have alternative intention...
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