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Unwritten Rules: Moving Forward After a #BadRelationship #Breakup

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  • Unwritten Rules: Moving Forward After a #BadRelationship #Breakup

    #MovingOn after a #badbreakup -

    Move on without further contact after your ex parted ways with you. Mature from your dating experience. See where the relationship went wrong on your own time schedule. Make changes in yourself, your character, and how you relate to others so you can have better future dating experiences that possibly lead to marriage. If it's no fault of your own, ignore your ex when they come running back to you. They will try to call, e-mail, and speak through other people to try to get a reaction from you. It's their safe way of tippy-toeing and testing the waters to see if they can have dialect with you directly. Ignore across the board. If anything, meet someone in a Holiness church.

    Move onto better singles who have more education and something genuinely going for themselves, and possess spiritual Holiness values. Don't settle for sloppy seconds that can't get over their ex, and uses you for passing the time and a rebound date. Those kinds of people who use you like that , despite their educational level or how much money they make on their job are losers. You can do better than that. Ignore them when they come running back. It'll be all about money if you do decide to get back with them, and they'll only see you as someone they can easily use financially for their own gain. Date someone the right way by meeting them in church and abstain from premarital sex until marriage. You'll be glad you did so.