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#Breakups: Is There a Way to Move on #ForgetYourEx and #ProfitFromYourEx?

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  • #Breakups: Is There a Way to Move on #ForgetYourEx and #ProfitFromYourEx?

    #spiritualgrowth and #personalgrowth after a #badrelationship -

    Feelings felt after a relationship breakup are never easy to deal with. There's an array of feelings flying all over the place mentally. 1 minute you feel sad. The next minute, angry. The next minute, who knows. When a breakup happens, it should really give you a lot to think about in terms of what went wrong. Can a relationship be reinstated? Maybe. Maybe not. Whatever you do immediately after the breakup happens, do not under any circumstances call your ex to reconcile. She or he is in their feelings in the moment and will possibly nine times out of 10 do everything in their power to avoid you, even if this means speaking through other people to you and issuing veiled threats.

    Some people tend to cry rivers when a breakup happens. This is normal. You're hurt. The person you love is walking away from you for whatever reason. We're human and have feelings. It's perfectly normal to feel adverse feelings in the moment because something catastrophic just took place in your life. A breakup! The founder of this site knows feelings associated with being dumped for an ex, "rebound catch-ups," being dumped for your friend, and being dumped for what you don't have earthly possession wise. Honestly, true character is built after the breakup. How so? People are looking forward to you acting a certain way in terms of developing negative body language and vernacular. Negative actions, in most relationship breakups, almost instantly happens in most breakup situations.

    Self Evaluation

    After a breakup takes place, you get to evaluate what went wrong during the course of the relationship. A breakup is necessarily not a bad thing. It allows you to perform self analysis, make necessary changes in your personal transformation, while striving without further delay to become a better person.

    You may or may not be able to get your partner back. However, the experience will give you tons of food for thought, in how to conduct yourself with maturity, in the next relationship. A breakup will also encourage you to become a better person, in terms of acting with maturity and not letting your emotions get the best of you, before and after getting dumped. It's easier said than done.

    'Holding Your Head - Maturing from Past Relationships'

    Realistically, if you maintain composure and not blurt out instant negative emotion, you'll show the person who's dumping you how much bigger of a person you are than them. It's all about mind over matter. If you truly believe that the person you're breaking up with is the one for you and your soulmate for lifetime, exercise mature judgment when trying to get that person to come back into your life. It’s virtually guaranteed that your former mate is not coming back into your life. Just accept it and eat those old feelings and move on. It’s not worth rehashing the past with an ex.

    If the person went back to the past and bailed on you, it's not worth a 2nd try (as previously mentioned). Even if they come running back years later confused and acting as if nothing bad ever happened during and toward the end of the relationship. They allegedly and almost always weight after the breakup years later to see you secretly doing good without them, then come running back out of the wood works and acting like everything's all good. This is the time when you need to continue holding your head and keep moving forward in the uncertain game called life.

    Profiting Off of Your Ex

    Think about all the pain you felt the past breakup and how it left you feeling and thinking some kind of way. You may have felt in your heart at the time you wanted to get back at the person for the emotional damage she or he allegedly caused you in the severance of the relationship you thought would flourish into more. Believe it or not, there's a way to profit off of your ex. Instead of walking around with all that negative energy built up inside of you, you should use that negative energy and the remembrance of how bad the relationship breakup was to do positive things.

    These positive things consist of going back to church and seeking the Lord Jesus Christ first and foremost for your soul salvation, heading back to school to complete your college degree whether it's your Bachelors of Science, MBA Masters in business or engineering, or PhD post-graduate degree, losing weight in doing a fitness transformation, getting featured in a business interview on,, or possibly a mention in magazine.

    Using the negative energy from the bad breakup can bring positive things out you never thought were inside. Don't let the bad breakup deter you from feeling it's the end of the world for you. It's just the beginning of a new path to new horizons. And whatever you do, if you happen to see your ex in the walk up to you and she or he tries to speak, don't disrespect them under any circumstances.

    It's okay to act as if you never met the person and continue walking away as if y'all never met a day in life. Better to ignore person that you once dated and considered for potential marriage versus blurting something out of your mouth you'll possibly be sorry for and disrespecting them. Keep moving with a quiet foot and don't turn around to look and see who you're leaving behind, when they come back later in life trying to speak.