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Never Do This With Anyone After a Breakup

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  • Never Do This With Anyone After a Breakup

    #relationship #breakups are a #learningexperience, not a 2nd time around to go back to your #exboyfriend or #exgirlfriend - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com/register

    A breakup is not always an opportunity for a makeup. It's a time to reflect on self and what went wrong. It's not a time to cry to your former partner why she or he is parting ways with you nor a time to bargain with them to stay with you. A breakup is a priceless learning experience and just that. Perhaps it was meant to happen with the subliminal intent on making you a better person.

    What seems in the moment to be a bad event and being a blessing in disguise later down the road. The bad event transforming into a blessing can result in increased job opportunities, achieving your weight loss goals, starting a business, meeting someone better who ends up being a life soulmate in marriage, finding the right business partners to work on a business plan together for seed money to start a business, and so on. Everyone has been through a bad breakup and felt as if the world was about to end. Never allow anyone to have that much control over your mind and heart whereas you feel as if you can't live without them.

    Helpful Suggestions

    Sitting around crying and moping like the world is going to end tomorrow is not the solution. Transforming into a better person and striving for excellence after a relationship breakup entails getting out of your emotional comfort zone and making all kinds of healthy changes. While these modifications of making healthy changes may possibly disrupt your thought process in the moment of grieving over your mate walking away from you, it'll help strengthen your character, employment resume, and spirit in the long run.

    Here's a few helpful tips on getting over a breakup:
    • Acquire a gym membership and start doing cardio on the treadmill first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Doing so will burn stored levels of body fat, increase a positive outlook on life, and help you feel happier increased flow of endorphins.
    • Create an online dating profile on a mature dating network. Now that your single and never been married whether you have children or not, having a few friends on your dating profile that you deem attractive will inspire you to keep going with achieving healthy changes. Even if you never achieve the opportunity of meeting friends on your dating profile face-to-face, having their presence there as onlookers to your profile will inspire you to go the extra mile in becoming a better person across the board.
    • Surround yourself with positive people. Studies have shown that when you surround yourself with positive energy and like-minded folk, your mindset will change despite any adversity experienced in the moment. Even if you have to distance yourself from so-called friends in order to make positive changes and get over the relationship breakup, be willing to get out of your emotional comfort zone and make those necessary changes.
    Never Do This If Your Ex Contacts You

    Your ex boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is allegedly keeping their secret eye on you after the breakup. She or he is possibly keeping their eyes on you secretly to see how better you're doing without them. This happens in most cases of relationship breakups. This is also how an ex girlfriend or ex-boyfriend secretly contacts their former partner when they find out they're doing good without them.

    Have you ever had a ex-boyfriend oh ex-girlfriend contact you unsure how they got your contact information after she or he dumped you? There possibly contacting you because not only do they miss you, but allegedly discovered in secrecy you're doing better without them. She or he possibly feels they are missing out on you. Ignore your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend across the board if they reach out to you over the telephone, e-mail, or on a social network like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. If the relationship didn't pan out good the first time around, what makes you think the second time around will be better than the first? Think quietly to yourself about this. It's an unwritten fact that when your ex reaches out to you and you adhere to it, the second time around is guaranteed to be a disaster. Not only that, but the second time around is subliminally the opportunity for she or he to "drop the axe on you," as what she or he didn't achieve the first time around seeks to do in the second round of potential dating. Once again, ignore your ex across the board and have no kind of contact whatsoever. If they contact you on Facebook by sending a friend request, deny it and mark it as "spam."

    If you happen to stumble upon your ex in public and you dressed up, don't be surprised if she or he walks up to you and acts as if everything is good with open arms wanting a hug and trying to speak. Ignore, ignore, and keep ignoring! You can stumble upon your ex in places such as shopping malls, the gym, school, the workplace, a club, driving, and a park. It's a hurtful feeling squelch feelings you once had for the person. Squelch those feelings and keep it moving for your good. No matter how hard your heart may throb in the moment and wild emotions flowing, never give your ex a second chance.

    Lastly, never break the unwritten rule of getting back with your ex and get married. Your marriage will be a complete disaster because you dealt a second time in "going back to the past."

    A Stronger Mindset and Spirit

    You'll expectations of your future soulmate and make wiser decisions. You'll have a happy year spirit knowing no longer settle for average. Gaining a stronger mindset and spirit comes from experience from past relationships in trial and error. Everyone gets hurt during the course of a relationship. There's no way to avoid that. That doesn't mean you have to walk around with a bitter heart and spirit award others. Simply pick yourself up and "begin again," knowing in the back of your mind you refuse to be with anyone who is not a good fit for your life. Lastly, don't settle for just anyone because you've been alone for lengthy periods of time.

    Through all relationships, stay positive and know "you're worth it" for someone worthwhile to value.



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