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#MuscleAndFitness: 3 Cost Free Ways to Exercise With or Without a #HomeGym

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  • #MuscleAndFitness: 3 Cost Free Ways to Exercise With or Without a #HomeGym

    #WorkingOut # home & #free ways to achieve your #cardio & #exercise #fitness #goals

    Home exercise is good especially on days when you don't feel like going to the gym and being around people. Exercising at home as unique benefits. The starters, if you're motivated to continue exercising without people around you and don't need anyone to give you the extra push in your transformation journey to improve your level of Fitness, you can work out at home half naked. The beauty of that is not having to worry about getting dressed in the morning putting on workout clothes and trudging to the gym. You can perform different exercises at home half naked and still achieve your fitness goals.

    A gym membership is always good to have if you don't mind being around people while you work out or do cardio. But some people appreciate the fact that they can purchase a home gym or perform the same exercises at home without shelling out one dime for a membership at the gym. And that's all good because when it comes to getting healthy and fit, the choice is yours how you want to achieve it. You can do it at home or at the gym or at your local park.

    Short list of exercises and alternative weight loss recommendations you can perform at home with or without a home gym:

    1. Tricep extension exercises using a regular chair - This is by far the easiest exercise you can accomplish at home because all you're doing is using your body weight to build up muscles in your triceps. Start this exercise by grabbing a chair anywhere in your house or apartment, placing your palms on the edge of the seat, and slowly gravitate yourself up and down until you feel pressure and muscle twitching building up in your tri’s. If you really want to focus on building up the muscles in your triceps, create a workout schedule where you'll exercise different body parts certain days of the week so that you get organized in your fitness routines and keep your body growing into building a lean physique and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Tricep exercise can be done anywhere and doesn't cost a dime. All that's required is motivation and retaining a long-term vision of regularly achieving your fitness goals.

    2. Old school good ol push ups - This is the number one best alternative to bench pressing at the gym using the Olympic Bar and chest muscle building machines. The good news about doing regular push-ups is they can be done traditionally where you lay your body in a planking position with your stomach facing the ground. Or you can perform slanted push-ups whereas your feet are positioned on the seat of a chair and your head and upper chest is facing the ground. This form of doing push ups in a slanted position is excellent for building the upper chest muscles and also good for men to perform the slanted push up exercise if you suffer from a condition known as gynecomastia, an adverse condition where a man develops mild or similar appearance of man boobs looking somewhat similar to a woman's chest due to a buildup of unhealthy estrogen levels and body fat. With the right diet, lots of slanted push up exercises at home or at your local park, eating right, and doing lots of cardio on your home treadmill is a cost free way 4 you as a man to reduce unhealthy estrogen levels, lose weight, build upper chest pec muscles, and reduce the estrogen look of your chest, thus reducing the look of having gynecomastia over a period of time. If you stick with a organized regimen of doing cardio, eating healthy food and cutting out fast food and fried food, and up your cardiovascular activity whereas you're doing morning walking or jogging at your local park or jogging on your treadmill at home for at least 6 weeks and performing slanted push up exercises to strengthen your upper chest, you'll potentially see visible results and feel encouraged to stick with the plan of using this cost free method to lower your unhealthy estrogen levels and build up your chest with natural exercises using your bodyweight.

    3. Lower ab exercises - This type of exercise can easily be performed by sitting on the edge of your bed, kitchen chair, or a backyard bench table. simply sit on the edge of either of the four mentioned, and start slowly performing manual leg lifts by lifting your legs and an upward and downward motion for 5 to 10 reps. Immediately perform another 5-10 reps of lower ab exercises by bringing your knees as close as you can toward your chest. These manual lower ab exercises uses your natural body weight and energy to help shrink your waistline and is a cost-free way to flatten your stomach and lower unhealthy estrogen levels in men. When you perform this exercise with other stomach related natural exercises without using machines, you'll discover in due time that the exercises start to feel easier as you feel compelled to perform more reps and more sets of abdominal related exercises. To get a flatter stomach, all you need to do is do your ab workouts at least 3 days a week and immediately follow those post workout ab exercises with post workout cardio. The best way to flatten your stomach in a shorter time span within 4 to 6 weeks by doing ab exercises at least three times weekly is hop on your home treadmill or you can jog at your local park or ride your mountain bike as a way of burning off unhealthy excess calories immediately after doing your exercises. Doing this will help you flatten your stomach as mentioned in a shorter time, thus helping you to increase bowel movement, reduce visceral abdominal fat, and achieve a smaller waistline visibly in potentially as little as four to six weeks. If you stay consistent with doing abs 3 days a week and doing post workout cardio immediately after your ab workouts and stay on track by doing the transformation work, you'll see visible results and feel inspired to go the extra mile.

    'Fitness Inspiration'

    Hopefully these ideas will help you get in the healthy mindset and healthy thinking patterns of exercising and doing cardio with consistency. All good things take time to come into fruition. Exercise and do cardio with patience and if you happen to skip a day unintentionally of not doing your exercise or cardio or eating healthy, don't give up and go back to your old unhealthy patterns. Pick yourself up from where you slacked that, keep doing the transformation work by eating right, exercising at home, and doing your cardio, and don't look at your shortcomings. Focus on your long-term fitness goals and work slowly but surely.

    Transformation is a lifetime process and there's no such thing as getting healthy and building a leaner body overnight. You have to work at your Fitness and diet regimen and cardio by tweaking it slowly but surely because it's a daily process of getting in healthy habits. Believe in yourself and when you achieve your goals, remember to support others in their transformation journey to greatness!



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