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#LeanMuscle: The Truth About Building Muscle

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  • #LeanMuscle: The Truth About Building Muscle

    Some people believe they can do all the exercise they want, eat whatever they want, and still build lean muscle. Your body can't be fooled. What you eat affects hormones, fitness performance, quality of life, and more. In fact, building muscle requires you to change your entire train of thought from being an alleged glutton to a determined person willing to transform not just your mind, but your body and complete outlook on life. Food affects more than muscle building potential. This is why you need to get in the healthy mindset today of eating the right foods so you can stay uninterrupted in your journey to transformation greatness,

    Truth: You can't build a lean body and lose weight instantly by eating anything you want. Set a schedule by planning your meals and times of the day you eat. This way, you'll lighten the load on your metabolism in the evening and your body can build muscle and lose weight easier.

    Eating healthy foods, exercise and cardio combined works wonders at any age. It's never too late to get started in your fitness transformation to healthier living by making the conscious decision now to workout, eat healthy, jog on your treadmill, and stay focused.