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  • #LeanMuscle: The Truth About Building Muscle

    Some people believe they can do all the exercise they want, eat whatever they want, and still build lean muscle. Your body can't be fooled. What you eat affects hormones, fitness performance, quality of life, and more. In fact, building muscle requires you to change your entire train of thought from being an alleged glutton to a determined pers...
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  • #RickandMorty: #McDonalds Plays a Good Business Card by Bringing Back #SzechuanSauce

    Did you know reissued the Rick and Morty sauce? This is one of many ways that McD’s continues to evolve with the times. Sometimes, you have to reach back into the past and reintroduce things to people they once loved regardless of the new era. From food to sauces to salads and more, Mickey D’s stays ...
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  • #Diet: Overcoming Depression With Faith

    Having faith in GOD and self allows you to be teachable and an open heart of free will to change. Believe it or not, the food you eat affects your overall attitude. Your food choices affect how you look at life. Your food choices affect body composition. Your food choices impact your health for years to come. Healthy food ingested benefits spirit, mind and body for years to come. Junk food detracts from living life and your body's ability to perform at its fullest positive potential. Indeed, you are what you eat. ...
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  • #Tofu: Can Tofu Salad Improve Health and #WeightLoss?

    Had Tofu before? No, it's not jello-y tasting. It's quite delicious, minus the heavy fat content and extra calories. You can season it with garlic powder, bread crumbs, fry it, steam it, and dress it in soy sauce and additional food seasonings, for the extra taste.

    Facts about Tofu: 8 Appetizing Facts About Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - Tofu is rich in protein...
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  • #GetOrganized: Admiring Accomplishments of This Amazing #Foodpreneur

    Always give God His thanks.

    Your life journey is a struggle and acknowledging that you can't successfully make it without Him is classified as "getting organized and winning the game of life." A young entrepreneur runs 19 restaurants and wrote over a dozen books. To achieve such says much about anyone's positive business character. In anyone's early entrepreneurial endeavors, most entrepreneurs experience "humble failure." Failure indeed will humble any genuine entrepreneur as we continually strive for excellence in "getting organized." Need entrepreneurial inspiration before and after starting your own business? This inspiring article on OPENForum gives any aspiring entrepreneur hope that they can prosper in anything positive they put their mind running a successful business. You must be determined no matter your adversity to be successful not only in making an admirable health transformation, but to succeed in anything you do for the good of mankind as well as being an honorable example of true transformation. It's easier said than done. ...
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  • #WeightLoss: You Can Lose Weight at Any Age in Life

    Truth: You are what you eat. The food you eat can either work hand in hand to benefit your health or fight you. Pick your poison. Maintaining healthy weight loss is associated with eating right and an active and healthy lifestyle. Ever noticed how much better you sleep at night when your bodyfat levels are at it's lowest? This is due to your body's hormones being close to perfectly balanced. A lean body promotes sound sleep, healthy thinking, a positive outlook on life, and more. Losing weight is not only about keeping a small waistline and fitting in smaller clothing. It's more than building and maintaining a body for life. Transformation and weight loss is a lifetime journey to spiritual and physical excellence above and beyond personal fitness. When you lose weight, you view life differently. Your thought patterns change. Not only do people see you in a different light, but you view yourself differently. It's a lifestyle you want to...
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  • #PlayCool: Acting and Dressing the Part Traveling to #ForeignSoil

    Planning on traveling to another country on behalf of your job or as part of your own business venture? You may want to think things through and do a tid bit of homework before getting on that plane to outer lands. If you accepted an assignment to work in another country with an organization, what are some of the perceptual errors you would strive to avoid? A few suggestions on being smooth in foreign lands: 1. Overtalking - saying the wrong thing...
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  • How to Prepare Creative and #HealthyDishes

    Creative cooking skills comes with experience. Eating healthy is free will determination to live a life of abundant health. Find yourself struggling to prepare healthy entrees not knowing how to spice things up? You may want to bookmark this page for future viewing as the video above demonstra...
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  • How to Stay on Track With #EatingRight for Long Term #WeightLoss

    Consistent weight loss and staying on track with healthy changes requires consistency. Cardio, eating the right foods, exercise, sleep, and supplementation play a crucial role in the reshaping of your body. Especially the eating part. Truth it, you are what you eat. How's your new year's heal...
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  • #Bananas and #Testosterone: Do They Go Hand in Hand?

    Ever wonder why Monkeys stay strong and productive? It's due to high consumption of bananas. Did you know one banana supplies enough Potassium and B vitamins to sustain an intense one house treadmill cardio session? Did you also know having a banana before running a marathon assists in reducing muscle cramps? And, did you also know bananas can help men potentially boost Testosterone naturally? The B vitamins in a ba...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic #Garlic for #WeightLoss?

    #Garlic for #WeightLoss?

    Did you know you can use garlic to potentially lose weight and get back in shape? Garlic can not only help you lose weight and get in shape, but also, assist in digestion. It''s a fact garlic helps boost the immune system. And, incorporating garlic into your daily diet and fruit-vegetable juicing regimens, you can potentially lose weight long-term, while boosting your immune system and getting healthy. According to Shape, this is what they have to ...
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  • Quick #MuscleBuilding Tip for #Men Looking to Build #LeanMass

    It's best to avoid cheese as much as possible. Why? Cheese is a dairy product and potentially saturated with synthetic hormones. Additionally, cheese allegedly raises estrogen levels in men. If you're looking to protect your heart, lower estrogen, increase natural free testosterone and build lean mass, consider avoiding cheese as much as possible (and that means ignoring pizza too on most occasions), steam your veggies (though it's better to juice them in a juicing machine), and steam your lean meats such as Chicken, Fish, Meat, and Turkey. Related content on dairy & estrogen: 1992 article from Bloomberg discussing health issues Harvard discusses dangers of milk Ironman Magazine on Estrogen and Milk on Dairy, Estrogen, and Milk...
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  • Tips for #EatingHealthy and Getting Ripped

    They always say when something is in a person, you most likely can't take it out of them. If a person is determined to succeed despite mistakes made along the way, they get back up and keep doing the transformation work at full strength. They don't give up for anyone. They may take a while off, bu...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post This Woman is Cursing Up a Storm
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    This Woman is Cursing Up a Storm

    (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));. This crazy woman is cursing like a hot mess while frying food in a pan. What point is she trying to get across cussing all crazy? She's full of "...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post Wishes Everyone a Happy Turkey Day
    in News Wishes Everyone a Happy Turkey Day

    A cool video by World Wrestling Entertainment wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving day....
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