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#Transformation: Healthy Benefits Associated With Achieving #EducationalTransformation

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  • #Transformation: Healthy Benefits Associated With Achieving #EducationalTransformation

    The Bible speaks of transformation of the spirit, mind and body, as we work on changing our inner and outer being!.

    Making #healthychanges & #additional #healthy #changes in #spirit, #body & #education helps you #accompliash more than getting a #highereducation - The #TransformationOfEducation #opens #doors to a #brightfuture

    Transforming into healthier living holds unique benefits. The human spirit is lifted into a higher positive state. Mental clarity settles in, allowing the mind to engage into deeper intellectual activities such as pursuing higher educational studies and public speaking. Achieving a transformed physique is a fringe benefit in living happy and healthy.

    There's a difference in outlook of life in an average person that performs no exercise vs. someone who invests time into daily cardio or weight lifting. The person that doesn't exercise most likely tends to be a little more edgy in attitude. What this means is that they get angry easily and leans toward being anti-social with folk who exercise or engage in a positive lifestyle. This is because when a person doesn't exercise, they tend to have a negative outlook for the moment due to lack of endorphins flowing. thus, As they have an obtuse outlook and attitude which may reflect their way of thinking it possibly affects their spirit and other areas of life, such as relationships with co-workers, family, and their companion in having less tolerance..

    Folk who exercise one to two times weekly tend to see a positive spike in overall attitude, and how they relate to others. Why? Exercise and transforming the human spirit promotes a positive sense of well-being. In addition, working out just 20 minutes a day tends to make a person not only feel happier on the inside, but, it also helps to improve relations with others. Exercise stimulates endorphins to flow more freely with the human body. As most know, endorphins are responsible for proper hormone regulation, which is a major contributor to feeling happier, and having a lower body fat percentage. Working out on cardiovascular machines such as an elliptical, or treadmill helps to keep the body in a positive state of thinking, aligning the human spirit with the universe in feeling more connected. Exercise promotes feeling of hope, love, forgiveness, and positive relations, even with those who may oppose you indirectly, or directly. With exercising your body as often as possible, it helps to build a positive tolerance to life adversity, helping to remain hopeful and cheerful, in overcoming all adverse situations.

    Transformation of the spirit and body promotes mental clarity. How so? In most times, our bodies may possibly signal s not to go to the gym and exercise, by way of how we feel in the moment. We'll feel tired, "semi-slacky" and may not feel the positive pressure at the time to get up and g workout at the gym, in doing cardio or weight-lifting, When some force themselves to the gym and overcome this feeling of not desiring to exercise, or "slackness," mental clarity kicks in, after doing a few sets of weightlifting exercises, or rev up our metabolism on the treadmill, elliptical, or, stationary bike. Mental clarity reduces cortical levels, and suppresses lactic acid in the body, increasing feelings of constantly moving around, and going the extra mile in daily activity. As this healthy pattern is followed consistently, it becomes a positive and Transformative habit, shifting the way of thinking for long-term goal accomplishing, as well as reshaping the body. As we all know, when we strive to change ourselves through transforming in spirit, mental and physically, it promotes feelings of ambition, in unleashing your full potential.

    With the accomplishment of the fore-mentioned, most folk feel ambitious to the avenue of pursuing leadership avenues in life. This is one of many "positive-side-effects" of transformation. Another positive side effect of transforming of the increased desire to nourish the brain with [educational protein]. As we all know, food protein serves the nutritional purpose of satisfying the hunger and supporting growth of human muscle tissue. Educational protein is referenced to nourishing the mind with more than food. It directly refers to a thirst for more life education. A person who strives daily to stay transformed in a positive state of mind, body and spirit will always feel this burning and positive need to learn as much as they can. If it is not in the college classroom, it could be anything learned, that serves a spiritual and meaningful purpose. Soaking up as much knowledge as one can also increases the likelihood that the individual will be more of a productive servant, thus, have a giving heart in serving the needs of others, as their tend to share how good they feel on the inside with others.

    When a community of people come together for the good of mankind in transforming into greatness, the sky's the limit on how many good things can come about for everyone, spontaneously. Transformation is an "inside job" and can be a beautiful labor of love, in doing the work necessary to change for the better as a person. And, although a person will never perfectly get it right in working on transformation of the human spirit, transforming also helps to look past the character flaws of others, because we are a team, and transforming is also about being a caring servant, to the good of lifting others up, when they're down and out.

    Caring for others when they're striving for excellence is true transformation of the heart.