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  • #EmploymentDelaware: Guess Who's #Hiring in #NewarkDelaware? Put Your #EmploymentApplication in Now (Pronto)!

    #Employment #outlook in the #StateOfDelaware in #NewCastleCounty/ #NewarkDelaware - #February 2019

    You're probably one of thousands of people throughout the state of Delaware actively seeking gainful employment. Good news is, February 2019 as a good employment line up for qualified and inexperienced job candidates looking for employment in New Castle County.

    HomeDepot.com is hiring!

    Positions Home Depot in Newark, Delaware is currently hiring:

    Merchandise associate - This position requires having general knowledge of Home Depot products and services and provides comprehensive training to new hires. The merchandise associate will be charged with the responsibility of having...
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  • #Confidence: It's What Separates The Do-Gooders From Wannabes

    It's tough to have it in trying times. It's tough to showcase it on your shoulder in conflicting times of life, family confrontations, in between jobs, pursuing higher education to better yourself, and tough to maintain it when your finances are uncertain. If you believe on yourself in the midst of trying times and do the transformation work out of i...
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  • #DelawareJobs: #HarborFreight in #MiddletownDelaware Wants to Hire You Right Now!

    The Delaware employment update recently surfaced with good news for Residence Inn New Castle County looking for gainful employment. This serves as a quick Delaware employment update for July 31st 2018 and the month of August 2018. Harbor Freight, located in Middletown Delaware, is looking to hire for the following positions:...
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  • #Philadelphia: Lead Clerk #Employment at #UnitedStates #CensusBureau

    This quick job alert is open to people in New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania looking for part-time or full-time employment with the United States Census Bureau. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States Census Bureau is looking to hire a qualified job candidate for the position of “Lead Clerk.” The open and close date, as mentioned in the flyer is from July 3rd 2018 until July 17th 2018. You're ...
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  • #DelawareEmployment Report: #Available #Jobs in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware for Experienced and Inexperienced #JobApplicants (July 2018)

    Welcome to the Delaware jobs report for July 2018. Getting a good paying job in the state of Delaware can sometimes be an uphill battle especially when you don't have time to search for another job or don't know where the good paying jobs are. This is why this form was created with you and mine to help make your job search process easier. Going forward, if you're not in the market at this time looking for employment or know someone who's looking for a better job working for a pleasant acting employer who doesn't mind giving pay raises to employees who perform beyond the norm going above and beyond for the company financially, feel free to share this post with them on your favorite social networks such as Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com and discuss in YouTube.com videos. This Delaware employment opportunity thread is only for residents in New Castle County. Some positions may require you to have a college degree while others you can apply for at entry-level with a high school diploma or GED. Some jobs listed below in New Castle County Delaware may require you to have previous experience in the advertised job listing or no previous experience. It depends on the employer and the employer's decision if they decide to hire you with or without past experience. If you see an employment opportunity below you're interested in but have little to no experience, it's a good idea to apply for the job anyway with your resume, and follow up with a personal email introducing yourself with a short message showing your interest in the position despite the fact that you're inexperienced for the position. You may also want to let the employer know in the body of the email ...
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  • #Employment: 5 Jobs to Instantly Apply for in #NewCastleCountyDelaware

    #Apply for #employment in #Delaware in #NewCastle #county for these #jobs #today

    It’s sometimes an uphill battle to find a good paying job throughout Delaware. Maybe you're one of many people looking for work and unemployed. Or maybe you’re employed and looking for better paying job. Or maybe you just moved to Delaware in the New Castle County section and looking for anything. Good news is, there's jobs available throughout Delaware, weather be in New Castle County or in Kent County, better known as slow lower Delaware. Sometimes you need someone close to you to give you a heads up on who's hiring instead of going to a job site at looking for a specific type of employment.

    DNN strives to bring you quality job listings, with the intention of helping you find a good paying job and establish yourself in your dream career. if you're not looking for work right now and happened to stumble upon this thread from a listing you saw in a search engine from Bing, Google or YaHoO!, you're more than welcome to share it with everyone you know that's looking for a job in New Castle County Delaware. You’re more than welcome to share this post with everyone on Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com, and elsewhere.

    This quick short list of employers hiring in New Castle County will hopefully help you with chief your goals and your current job search:

    1. ATSSA - This flag re-certification course is provided by the Delaware safety Council and helps people get certified as flaggers so they can get good paying jobs working in highway work sites. This requires know previous experience nor a college degree. Basically in a nutshell, certification provided...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Your Former Narcissist Employer is a Demonically Driven, Weak and Feeble Minded Person

    By GOD's permission you prosper over your former employer. Employment instability due to being different, not fitting in with corporate culture due to shamelessly claiming religion on the job, failing to give your former employer who is a narcissist by nature the reaction they hoped for builds inner strength in you. They handed over their power to you. They proved through actions you're st...
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  • #NCCDelaware: 5 #Jobs to Consider Applying for in May 2018

    The beauty of Delaware is employment opportunities spontaneously arising. People looking to change employment in New Castle County Delaware can always search online for better paying jobs on sites such as careerbuilder.com, ziprecruiter.com, employmentcrossing.com, snagajob.com, indeed.com, and monster.com. While there's tons more online sites geared toward helping people find gainful employment throughout the state of Delaware, hopefully the job listings below will be of some help to you or someone you know looking for a job that pays well in New Castle County. Share this thread with everyone you know on LinkedIn.com, Twitter.com, Pinterest.com, Facebook.com, and discuss in YouTube.com videos. These jobs are open to anyone with a valid Delaware driver's license and a good...
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  • #WebStartup: The #Grocery Shopping #SideHustle

    The internet provides all sorts of opportunities for the average person to make money online part-time or full-time. From affiliate marketing, blogging, and selling things directly through affiliate data feeds syndicated to multiple social platforms, the side hustle is the way to go if you're looking to supplement your income and take a leap of faith from day job employee working an internet side hustle in your spare time to full-time online entrepreneur. Not only can you earn good money as an affiliate marketer and blogger by partnering with reputable high paying CPA and CPC affiliate networks and signing up f...
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  • #NewCastleCounty: #Delaware Employment Update

    This post is an employment update in New Castle County, Delaware for the week of April 16 through 23, 2018. Not everyone is actively aware of employment opportunities and specific jobs available throughout New Castle County. This employment update will possibly help active Delaware job seekers find gainful employment and satisfactory salaries. If you know someone actively seeking work or looking to change careers, feel free to share this post with them on Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, and Facebook.com. Employer: Tech Mahindra Americas - This wonderful opportunity located in Wilmington, Delaware is an office job as an assistant in the field of logistics and sourcing. If you’re located outs...
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  • 3 More Employers Hiring in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware

    Finding the best jobs throughout the state of Delaware can always be found in a tiny classified ad in a newspaper or on a job board. The most relevant Delaware employment information can be shuttled to you through a friend on a social network. Perhaps you're in the market right now for new and steady employment. Maybe you're making a career change. Looking for a better-paying position with a bright future with the respectable employer. All good things are possible to those who believe and do the transformation work. The following positions don't necessarily require a college degree. It's good if you have one....
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post #Politics: You're Fired - Get Out Now!
    in News

    #Politics: You're Fired - Get Out Now!

    Guess who might allegedly get fired in the near future? Ben Carson Betsy DeVos A majority of trump employees are on pins and needles worried about their employment with the US govern...
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  • #ITWorks: You Can't Ignore This Opportunity in #Delaware

    Located in Wilmington Delaware, IT Works by Tech Impact is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life in the state of Delaware achieve a quality education and put there technical knowledge to good use. Tech impact is helping everyday people like you obtain Cisco IT and Microsoft A+ certifications with the intent of helping you get the best salary possible working at top Delaware companies. They cater to youth between 18 to 26 years. If your love is for anything related to side hustles and technology, this may be your grand opportunity to capitalize on this unique offer for a free education by it works by Tech impact. The good news about obtaining this free education from it works is that it's a 16-week information technology training program, according to their flyer. If you're a person that has a good ...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post #Microsoft: Steve Ballmer Speaks on Technology
    in News

    #Microsoft: Steve Ballmer Speaks on Technology

    Technology is forever changing>. It changes overnight, everyday, every hour, and almost in seconds. For aspiring technology professionals, having a career in the tech industry is surely the way to go. The goodness of having a career in the tech industry is employment stability, increased income, build...
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  • #JobsinDelaware: 3 #DelawareEmployers Looking to Hire #QualifiedJobCandidates in #NewCastleCounty

    Who said getting a job in Delaware has to be an uphill battle? Not if you have a willing mind to leverage every job opportunity presented to you. Of course, you're not going to get hired by any and every employer in Delaware right away even if you have the right job qualification credentials, simply because every Delaware employer operates differently. Have you taken a moment to examine your resume to see where you can include highly sought after skills and hot keywords that'll make your Delaware resume interceptable by automated Delaware employer resume filters? In other words, employers in Delaware use automated resume filtering systems to filter out resumes they consider "fluff resumes," which are simply resumes either with not enough content and relevant keywords, or [fluff resumes] with too many keywords that may be deemed as "Delaware resume spam." If you haven't yet optimized your Delaware employment resume and looking for a job now, this is the grand moment for you to get organized with no delay and have a resume professional resume writer critique you, so your Delaware skill set and "Delaware employment career objective" will be deemed "worthy for hire" in the eyes and minds of prospective employers throughout New Castle County, D...
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