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3 More Employers Hiring in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware

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  • 3 More Employers Hiring in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware

    More #employers looking to #hire #qualified #jobcandidates for #goodpaying #jobs in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware / #JobCorps, #SirSpeedy and #CityofWilmington- https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/delaware

    Finding the best jobs throughout the state of Delaware can always be found in a tiny classified ad in a newspaper or on a job board. The most relevant Delaware employment information can be shuttled to you through a friend on a social network. Perhaps you're in the market right now for new and steady employment. Maybe you're making a career change. Looking for a better-paying position with a bright future with the respectable employer. All good things are possible to those who believe and do the transformation work. The following positions don't necessarily require a college degree. It's good if you have one. But if not, you'll still be eligible for these jobs. The only thing that might be mandatory is having a valid driver's license, some experience on your employment resume, and a few good names and phone numbers for credible personal references.

    Three prospective employers hiring in New Castle County Delaware:

    1. SirSpeedyWilm.com - Sir Speedy has a mantra of helping people achieve business objectives through use of their proprietary technology. Sir Speedy's proprietary technology helps their clientele to effectively deliver a clear and concise message to their customers through deployments of graphic design and printing to mailing services, in addition to use of Sir Speedy promotional products and other forms of direct marketing according to their flyer.

    Sir Speedy Wilmington, Delaware looking to hire a reliable production operator. The qualified job candidate must have experience with advertising signs and production of graphics, according to the Sir Speedy job flyer. Additionally, qualified Sir Speedy job candidate has to be self-motivated and looking to establish oneself with the company for the sole purpose of having a career and not just another job with a biweekly paycheck. If you're not a Delaware job hopper and looking to grow with a respected employer such as Wilmington Delaware's Sir Speedy, this might be your calling for obtaining gainful employment. The production operator will be charged with the responsibility of sign installation and needs to have a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience with file preparation, installation, and production. You must know how to effectively rap advertising around a vehicle. For this job, you'll also need a little bit of muscle. You must be able to lift up to 50 lb and work with power tools and know how to climb up and down a ladder. This is not a job for people working a second job or in school. The position requires you work full time between Monday through Friday with occasional overtime. Pay is DOE.

    Second position Sir Speedy is hiring for is an outside sales representative. Basically, this is a position where you will be going from business to business seeking to close new deals with Merchants who desire to use Sir Speedy services. The outside sales representative position is charged with establishing and maintaining profitable relationships with customers for the purpose of winning new business and maintaining existing business. You also need a personality for this position because if you have a one-track mind and have no spunk about you, this job is not going to work out very long. You'll find yourself applying for new employment elsewhere in very little time. That's plain and simple. The outside sales rep will have previous experience in sales and marketing, and some experience in the printing industry. You need to be a positive thinker because going in this with a flat-line attitude just ain't going to cut the mustard as previously mentioned. If you have previous customer service skills through past experience of working at one of these Delaware Banks, this job just might be a good fit for you.

    You'll also need a car for this job because you have to drive to the different businesses. You may want to inquire upon interviewing to see if they will reimburse you for gas and mileage. You also want to make sure that your Delaware driver's license has zero points on it for close to zero points. Sir Speedy will most likely run your driving record to see what the deal is before sending you out to their clients. There's nothing list it on the flyer about commission earning potential. This is another thing you may want to inquire about upon interviewing with Sir Speedy Wilmington.

    You can email your resume for potential consideration at print@SirSpeedyWilm.com.

    2. City of Wilmington - working for the city of Wilmington has its benefits. You get to land a good-paying job with benefits and a pension to look forward to. If you have an opportunity to apply for a job with the city of Wilmington or the state of Delaware, go for the gusto. Good thing is, you'll achieve job security working for them.

    City of Wilmington is looking to hire a general laborer with a starting salary of $29,919 annually up to a potential annual of $36,235. Under the general labor minimum qualifications listed on the flyer, the only educational requirement is that you have a high school diploma or a GED equivalency and some experience with doing manual labor and machinery. You have previous experience as a forklift driver or working with power tools, this might be your call for gainful employment with the city of Wilmington. What you'll be doing has a general laborer is performing a variety of related tasks to the job and working under the direct supervision of a labor foreman. You'll be taking orders directly from the labor foreman and from time to time, the assigned an individual task that will be spot check at random after completing the job. That means no lollygagging on the job if no one’s standing around watching you perform job-related duties.

    The general laborer will excavate job sites, repair water mains, water service lines, and fire hydrants. You'll also operate a rotator, air compressor, Jackhammer, Generator, and electric tools. You will perform this work as required by the labor foreman. This means you have to get up early in the morning and do your cardio or exercise because this position requires the general laborer to have lots of energy. This also means you can't drink excessive alcohol and smoke marijuana. Quit the alcohol and marijuana because you'll never have energy to complete a day's work as a general laborer. If it's job is not an ideal fit for you, share it with no delay with everyone you know on your favorite social networks. This way, someone with relevant experience that sees this post can apply for a good-paying job with the City of Wilmington.

    For potential employment consideration with the City of Wilmington, Delaware, you can apply for the general laborer III position with the Department of Public Works and water distribution at WilmingtonDE.gov. you may also phone 302-576-2460 for more information about this job with the city of Wilmington Department of Public Works and speak with their human resource department.

    3. Wilmington Job Corps - Job Corps Wilmington is a place youth go to to get mentored, build your self-confidence, and required work skills so they can be productive citizens in the Delaware labor force. According to their flyer, Job Corps is a free Education and Training Program with the mission of helping young people not just learn a career, but they also help those who haven't completed their high school diploma or GED to achieve that and get a good-paying job. Job corps Wilmington, Delaware is looking to hire a CNA instructor that will provide students with instruction in Career and Technical Training. The CNA instructor moose also work well with smooth coordination and relationships between the counselors and staff. CNA instructor must also be able to make mature judgement calls on the spot when needed. The Wilmington Job Corps qualified job candidate must be LPN or RN license in the state of Delaware with previous nursing experience. Now, this position does mention that a bachelor's degree is preferred. The word preferred qualify job candidate must be LPN for RN license in the state of Delaware with previous nursing experience. Now, this position does mention that a bachelor's degree is preferred. The word preferred is suspected to have some flexibility in it. If you feel this is an ideal fit for you and you don't yet have your bachelor's degree, you may want to inquire upon interviewing with Job Corps Wilmington about how you can work around the bachelor degree requirement until you're able to achieve it.

    The second position Wilmington Job Corps is hiring for is an accounting clerk. This is a part-time position in which the qualified job candidate who gets hired will be charged with carrying out responsibilities such as preparing and processing accurate payable vouchers, making Necessary journal entries, and inputting related accounting information. You will work with records of All Sorts including employee payroll files. You need to have a high-school diploma or GED for this job. Nothing is specifically mentioned about having a college degree. You need also to have one year experience with Microsoft Office and related programs. if you're not yet educated with Microsoft Office or accounting programs, there's all sorts of free computer programs throughout the state of Delaware. Simply perform a search in your favorite search engine for more information on that. Other requirements for the accounting clerk part-time position is you need to type at least 40 words a minute. If you're better using a speech recognition program versus traditionally typing on a computer keyboard, this is something you also want to bring up in the job interview with Wilmington Job Corps. They may be able to work with you around the 40 words per minute if you're a master at using voice dictation programs. lastly, you need people skills. Customer service skills are a must in any line of work. Lastly, you need a valid driver's license. And the pay is DOE. (Determined on employment).

    Interested in this job with Job Corps Wilmington, Delaware? You can apply online at mtctrains.com. you can also email your resume directly to Burly Channell at Burley.Channell@jobcorps.org. U.S. army veterans are encouraged to apply!

    Hopefully the forementioned positions will help you or someone you know find a good paying job in New Castle County Delaware and maintain gainful employment years to come. You're welcome to share this post with family and friends on Pinterest.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, and LinkedIn.com.



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