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#BloggingMillionaire: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner Featured on #CNBC

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  • #BloggingMillionaire: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner Featured on #CNBC

    Always give the Lord Jesus Christ HIS acknowledgement and praise before and after experiencing business success.

    This 28 year old earns over $100,000 a month blogging from an RV from CNBC.

    Congratulations to Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Michelle was recently featured on for staying true to her side hustle blog since 2011. Back in 2011, Michelle was working a day job earning a little over $50,000 annually as a finance analyst. While Michelle mentions she was making good money at the time, it wasn't satisfying to her to work for someone else for the rest of her life. She started a finance blog off the strength of doing it just as a hobby. Michelle mentions that she would work on creating content for the blog during her lunch break and any hours during the day she had free time to herself, according to the CNBC article. Michelle even worked in the wee hours of the night - morning to create quality content for her blog. Lo and behold, it took her roughly two years to earn enough money from her personal finance blog before she quit her day job. Her monthly revenues skyrocketed since 2013. Schroeder-Gardner is a blogging millionaire today off of the strength of earning money from affiliate marketing and Google AdSense ads on her blog. If Michelle can do this and prosper, so can you.


    Furthermore, the CNBC article goes on to mention that Michelle strove to earn as much money as possible outside her day job. And she succeeded. She mentioned she got paid to take surveys as a mystery shopper, additionally to being a side hustle blogger. She started her blog without the intention for it to be her sole source of income. And she didn't make money from blogging right away. Michelle only earned a virtual can of beans roughly after 6 months of launching her blog. Dig this. She only earned a measly $100. She started from the bottom like everyone else. What made her different from the average blogger is that she has a visionary entrepreneurial mindset where she desired to be with her side hustle blogging venture. She didn't allow anything to slow her down, nor stop her from achieving her blogging business goals. She used affiliate marketing and blogging as a means of monetizing her blog to the point of quitting her job and making the successful transformation to internet millionaire status. She achieved her goals out of sheer inspiration of someday being her own boss. Michelle is now living her dreams and life to her fullest potential. If she can do it, so can you. Now's the time for you to quit putting off your ideas and making your employer rich. And Now's the time for you to try your hand again at entrepreneurship and work on telling your narcissist employer goodbye.

    Michelle Schroeder-Gardner's blogging success has hopefully inspired you to get organized and serious about taking entrepreneurship to the next level for your life. Truth is, things will never be right in your life until you take charge, take that leap of faith, and build your business while things are not right in your life right now. The longer you put things off, the more and longer you delay your own success Additionally, don't forget the little people and your humble beginnings. That's true transformation of the heart when you give back after experiencing success. Michelle is truly blessed and an inspiration. If you haven't already done so, dnn recommends you to visit her personal finance blog