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  • #BloggingMillionaire: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner Featured on #CNBC

    Always give the Lord Jesus Christ HIS acknowledgement and praise before and after experiencing business success. This 28 year old earns over $100,000 a month blogging from an RV from CNBC. Congratulations to Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Michelle was recently featured on for staying true to her side hustle blog since 2011. Back in 2011, Michelle was working a day job earning a little over $50,000 annually as a finance analyst. While Michelle mentions she was making good money at the time, it wasn't satisfying to her to work for someone else for the rest of her life. She started a finance blog off the strength of doing it just as a hobby. Michelle mentions that she would work on creating content for the blog during her lunch break and any hours during the day she had free time to herself, according to the CNBC article. Michelle even worked in the wee hours of the night - morning to create quality content for her blog. Lo and behold, it took her roughly two years to earn enough money from her personal finance blog before she quit her day job. Her monthly revenues skyrocketed since 2013. Schroeder-Gardner is a blogging millionaire today off of the strength of earning money from affiliate marketing and Google AdSense ads on her blog. If Michelle can do this and pro...
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  • #AffiliateNetworks: Recommended #AdNetworks for #Bloggers

    Bloggers and Internet marketers sometimes find it an uphill battle to find quality ad networks to partner with. You may be one of millions of bloggers who have a niche based blog site centered around the topic of computers and technology, fashion, science, or travel. You create content daily and has a loyal target audience that willingly comments on every post you publish to your blog. It's not that difficult finding quality advertisers to partner with because there's tons of money to be made online. "...
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  • Best Affiliate Programs to Join in Winter

    Now that Winter season is virtually here, it's time to earn healthy commissions online form a few good affiliate programs. Most people tend to spend more online stocking up on their favorite Winter goods vs. traditionally going to the store, standing in line, and having to pay sales tax. The beauty of buying goods and services on the world wide web in most states within the U.S. is not having to pay tax. Nor waiting in long lines to pay for your items. Shoppers can simply go to their favorite websites to buy anything. That said, most sites nowadays like,, Amazon,,,, and many more have something called an affiliate program, allowing anyone who owns a blog or website to join as an affiliated publisher and market their products and services, in exchange for earned commissions on online sales. If you're not already in affiliate marketing and yet to take the leap of faith in acquiring dedicated web hosting and installing WordPress on your web server, now is the time to do so. If you're already blogging or own a website with a loyal a...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: From #Welfare to #Millionaire #TravelBlogger? #JohnnyWard and Others Cash in on #Blogging and #Instagram

    It's possible to potentially make money online from affiliate programs while sharing your travel-related experiences with others on the web. The number one thing a lot of people don't know online is that if you own a blog or website, you can potentially make money from it by way of sharing your travel related stories with your family and friends on your favorite social networks. Another thing a lot of people don't know is that not only can they share travel related stories on their websites and then share links with family, friends and coworkers on their favorite social networks such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, but, they can also make money continually from travel related affiliate programs and possibly earn a full-time income on the Internet. While playing the waiting game before a travel blogger or travel related affiliate starts to make money on the Internet, you can build up your site content by way of consistently posting stories and videos in efforts of building and retaining your ...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: #GetOrganized and Arm Yourself Now With These Priceless #Tools for Your #Blogging #SideHustle

    Blogging can be a very profitable business for you on the Internet. Those who were just getting into blogging and starting up their own professional blog on the World Wide Web are setting themselves...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Starting a #Blog is Your #SideHustle to #Blogging Full Time and #FinancialFreedom

    Blogging. What exactly is it? Blogging is a process of simply posting an idea, thought or something useful to a weblog. It's pretty much a process of sharing your expertise or anything additionally with the world on the Internet. One thing a lot of people don't take seriously today or just don't know is that blogging can possibly create an additional stream of income alongside their day job. This is the beauty of creatively blogging and us...
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