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  • #BloggingMillionaire: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner Featured on #CNBC

    Always give the Lord Jesus Christ HIS acknowledgement and praise before and after experiencing business success. This 28 year old earns over $100,000 a month blogging from an RV from CNBC. Congratulations to Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Michelle was recently featured on for staying true to her side hustle blog since 2011. Back in 2011, Michelle was working a day job earning a little over $50,000 annually as a finance analyst. While Michelle mentions she was making good money at the time, it wasn't satisfying to her to work for someone else for the rest of her life. She started a finance blog off the strength of doing it just as a hobby. Michelle mentions that she would work on creating content for the blog during her lunch break and any hours during the day she had free time to herself, according to the CNBC article. Michelle even worked in the wee hours of the night - morning to create quality content for her blog. Lo and behold, it took her roughly two years to earn enough money from her personal finance blog before she quit her day job. Her monthly revenues skyrocketed since 2013. Schroeder-Gardner is a blogging millionaire today off of the strength of earning money from affiliate marketing and Google AdSense ads on her blog. If Michelle can do this and pro...
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  • #1800Flowers Founder #JimMcCann Discussed on #CNBC continues the amazing journey of being an innovative company. Since humble beginnings in 1976 by founder Jim McCann, he not only kept the company above water in trying economical times, but, also managed to take the company public, according to the article about McCann on His business transformation story hopefully inspired you to put your business ideas into fruition if you haven...
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  • Billionaire John Paulson Speaks on Home Purchasing

    Purchasing a home is more than just owning property. Billionaire Paulson speaks in CNBC video about the importance of buying a home and making a mature investment. Renting means you are throwing money away and passing up opportunities of ownership. If you're in the market looking to purchase a home or desiring thought-provoking advice how to purchase your next home, bookmark thi...
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