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#MarketingonPinterest: Are #AffiliateMarketers and #Bloggers Using #Pinterest to Its Fullest #Marketing Potential?

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  • #MarketingonPinterest: Are #AffiliateMarketers and #Bloggers Using #Pinterest to Its Fullest #Marketing Potential?

    Dear bloggers and online marketers,

    Are you consistent with your Pinterest marketing? Did you know Pinterest is free of charge to join and no longer requires an invite? If you run a blog or full-time online business and not using the free social image pinning site to leverage free traffic and increase your online revenue potential, chances are you're leaving long $ gUaP $ on the table.

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    In a December tweet posted on, studies show:


    What does this mean for bloggers and internet marketers? Pinterest and daily pinning to Pinterest pinboards is not to be ignored. Too much money to be made. All that's required is consistency, creativity, effort, and "lots and lots of content." Especially if you are into affiliate marketing.

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    Effective Pinterest marketing helps bloggers and online marketers not only successfully syndicate blog posts and products to be sold online, but most importantly enable you to increase web visibility. This can be achieved by networking with fellow pinners and good relationships with other bloggers who use Pinterest and for marketing. When using Pinterest for business as a marketer, it's always good to keep your "mental SWOT marketing game" at bay knowing who your competition and target market is, while achieving long term strategic SWOT marketing goals of effectively conveying your message s to the masses online.