It's inspiring to know a majority of today's larger-than-life super successful entrepreneurs started out in super-duper humble beginnings. DrewryNewsNetwork is a firm believer that everyone starts out as a “small potato” in business. If you truly desire to get organized and strive for excellence in getting somewhere in life, you have to start somewhere. Mark Cuban started from the bottom, as mentioned in this article he wrote and published below on Forbes.


If you take time to read every word of the article written by Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban, he shares humble insight on how he was a virtual nobody back in the day. He had a [jalopy] as a vehicle. Like most Americans, Cuban also commuted back and forth to his daytime place of employment and working for someone else. In those times, he faced challenges on the job and mildly rubbed elbows with his employer. It was in those times he learned that working for someone else for the rest of his life was definitely not for him. With valuable lessons learned from firsthand experience in starting from the bottom and working with others on the day job, he decided shortly afterwards to venture out on his own and see if he can succeed in running businesses independently. Did he get organized? Absolutely!

'Business Visualization'

Like the former information TV commercial marketing guru Don Lapre, Cuban also lived in a tiny apartment. According to Forbes in the article, it's also mentioned that Mark "got a job as a bartender at a place called Elan, which was a hot Dallas club. But bartending wasn’t my end goal. I wanted to start my own business." He knew what he wanted to do and refused to let his current situation and financial disability hold him back from achieving his dream of being an entrepreneur. He continued to "do the transformation work," achieving his entrepreneurial objectives and then some.

'Never Give Up'

The transformation of Mark Cuban is definitely an inspiring one. Most people assumed he always had it good from the very beginning. The greatest entrepreneurs today endured the toughest hardships when it came to relying on family, struggling to keep a job, making ends meet and starting their businesses without help. They saw the long-term vision and refused to quit. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is respected by the founder of DrewryNewsNetwork, for staying on track with his business goals and maintaining his health simultaneously.

It takes much creativity and determination to succeed like Mark Cuban did. Thank you Mr. Cuban, for sharing your humble insight and writing the article in Forbes magazine online. Your humble beginnings is definitely a true transformation inspiration to the founder of this site. Keep up the good work in sharing entrepreneurial inspiration with everyone!

At Age 25 Mark Cuban Learned Lessons About Leadership That Changed His Life - Forbes

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