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  • #HealthyLiving: Five Easy Ways to Burn Fat On the Job

    1. Eat no breakfast in the morning before starting your work day. 2. Perform one hour of morning cardio on an empty stomach by walking, light running, and jogging on the treadmill. 3. Don't drink anything with calories or carbs in it after accom...
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  • #HealthyEating: Genetically Modified Food?

    Your body benefits from increased health by default when you consume foods of the Earth. There' some companies that allegedly could care less about you consuming natural earthly foods. Some companies potentially earn billions of dollars from genetically engineered food. Is genetically engineered food worth eating just to satisfy a potential instant...
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  • The Ironclad truth about eating raw salmon

    Did you know the human body was not made to ingest raw meat of any kind? When you eat raw or medium rare beef, pork, or Seafood such as raw salmon on a bagel with...
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  • #GoodSolidNutrition: 5 Easy to Prepare Foods that Naturally Raise #Testosterone

    Men over 30 experience instantly declining levels of the primary hormone known as Testosterone. Testosterone, also dubbed as "T," is responsible for helping to maintain numerous functions on the male body. Healthy levels of natural Testosterone help men achieve more than building muscle in the gym and going above and beyond in the bed...
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  • #Diet: Overcoming Depression With Faith

    Having faith in GOD and self allows you to be teachable and an open heart of free will to change. Believe it or not, the food you eat affects your overall attitude. Your food choices affect how you look at life. Your food choices affect body composition. Your food choices impact your health for years to come. Healthy food ingested benefits spirit, mind and body for years to come. Junk food detracts from living life and your body's ability to perform at its fullest positive potential. Indeed, you are what you eat. ...
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  • #BurnBellyFatNow: How Many Ways Can You #LoseBellyFat at Night?

    Everyone gains weight as they get older. It's normal. From doctors, college students, working class 9 to 5 day jobbers, politicians, professional bodybuilders, billionaires, millionaires, you name it. It is a normal process of life. It could be healthy weight gain or hammy weight. Just because you put on weight doesn't mean it's...
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  • #Healthy Suggestions for Toxin Removal

    Keeping your internal organs operating at full strength should be a main priority when transforming your body into a healthier state. Your colon should be cleansed often. Your oral hygiene needs to be up to snuff so you maintain mental clarity and clean pores. You should not be consuming alcohol nor smoking ...
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  • #KimKardashian Inspires Everyone With Her 70+ #WeightLossTransformation

    It's a tough job for a new mother to lose weight after giving birth. She has emotional challenges to deal with. A new mother has to deal with weight gain challenges. Challenges such as those takes a toll on the mind. Why? A mother has so much to deal with at once. Kim Kardashian is showing the world mothers c...
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  • Inspiration or Desperation: #HodgeTwins #Eating #MexicanFood in #California?

    In California, Carl's Jr. is among the most trafficked fast food restaurants alongside Jack in the Box. Carl's Jr. is owned by parent company Arby's, who also operates Hardee's. And now, Miguel's Jr, a Mexican homemade food style restaurant, appears on the scene in Cali. It looks as if the Hodge twins gained weight from munching foods they have no business affiliating themselves with. And as y...
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  • Enjoy #Healthy and Positive Reading on DrewryNewsNetwork

    The transformation of consistent webpage viewership can sometimes be quite perplex. Special thanks to loyal viewers especially those viewing possibly from Seattle, Washington, Colorado, Los Angeles, Hyderabad Pradesh, and British Columbia. Are you eating healthy and doing the transformation work while reading pages out of inspiration or ... ??? ...
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  • How to Prepare Creative and #HealthyDishes

    Creative cooking skills comes with experience. Eating healthy is free will determination to live a life of abundant health. Find yourself struggling to prepare healthy entrees not knowing how to spice things up? You may want to bookmark this page for future viewing as the video above demonstra...
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  • How to Achieve #MarthaStewart Style Cooking Creativity

    You can achieve food preparation excellence in the kitchen when it comes to preparing attractive and nutritious meals on like Martha Stewart. While Martha is a cooking professional, all it takes is a willing mind to adapt to new and healthy thinking patterns. Martha not only keeps her audience engaged through showcasing her delicious dishes, but also offers healthy food tips and makes mouths salivate at the same time over irresistible entrees. Short of healthy ideas for preparing nutritious food? You can always tune in to Martha Stewart on YouTube, on You...
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  • Fun Facts About #Watermelon

    Did you know Watermelon aids in:
    • Exercise tolerance
    • Cardiovascular motivation
    • Improved libido
    • Cognitive function
    • Reduction of Cortisol
    • Improving blood flow and reducing clots
    • Building lean muscle by converting to Nitric Oxide
    and more.

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  • How to Stay on Track With #EatingRight for Long Term #WeightLoss

    Consistent weight loss and staying on track with healthy changes requires consistency. Cardio, eating the right foods, exercise, sleep, and supplementation play a crucial role in the reshaping of your body. Especially the eating part. Truth it, you are what you eat. How's your new year's heal...
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  • #Healthy #NewYears Goals and #EatingRight Doesn't Require Overthinking It

    Healthy meal preparation requires discipline. You have to want to get healthy. You have to want to lose weight. You have to want to build muscle. You have to want to live a healthier lifestyle. And change comes with putting faith and works into action at full strength by doing the transformation work and getting out of your comfort zone. Despite how many times you've failed transforming the way you look, feel, and think, always know you can begin again regardless of your age. Every day is an opportunity for new beginnings. It's the new year and you're ready to make healthy changes. It's time to cut out the alcohol, beer, marijuana, drugs, stop talking to the ex-girlfriend to an ex-boyfriends, and get out of your pump. Get yourself down to the local grocery store or supermarket and fill up your shopping cart with healthy foods. Leave the pizza and the buffalo wings alone. The cheesesteaks; you have to give those up too! It's time to stock up on lean meats like Turkey, salmon, scallops, sea bass, lean steak, vegetables for juicing and the juice machine, pomegranate juice, and leave the cooking oil, butter with saturated fat, and sliced cheese on th...
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