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#NYCTravel: Be Sure to Make a Pitstop by the #PoloRalphLauren Store in Manhattan

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  • #NYCTravel: Be Sure to Make a Pitstop by the #PoloRalphLauren Store in Manhattan

    Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour

    Ralph Lifshitz, a.k.a. Ralph Lauren grew up in Bronx, New York as a poor boy. The once former stock boy for former retail clothing giant Alexanders employed Lauren as an hourly employee back in the heyday along with Having 0% experience in the clothing retail industry, Lifshitz-Lauren sought to impact the fashion industry with his new line of retail merchandise known today as At the time of his retail clothing launch, Ralph had no clue how far he would get with his entrepreneurial mindset. In his high school yearbook, he said he wanted to be a millionaire. With a visionary mindset, he achieved more than that. Today, the fashion retail merchandise icon surpassed his goals and shows no sign of slowing down while coming close to 80 years old.

    Looking to make a few stops while in New York City coming from out of town? Drewry news network recommends you stopping by the Polo mansion located @:

    867 Madison Avenue
    New York, N.Y.
    Tel: (212) - 606- 2100

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