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  • #Manhattan: Alleged #Racist Threatens to Call #ICE on #Hispanic #Employees -- Why?

    A man seen in the video in a Midtown Manhattan restaurant is making Fresh Kitchen look bad. The man seen in the video is an alleged racist. According the NBC New York, the man threatened Spanish speaking persons with deportation by mentioning he was going to call ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) on them. Why? What satisfaction does he get out of having someone allegedly deported back to their country? Racism is alive and very well still in America. Fresh Kitchen 270 Madison Avenue New York, N.Y. 10016 Tel: (212) - 481 - 3500 His reason for threatening to call ICE: He heard them speaking Spanish. This man thinks he's better than others possibly. If that's the case, he's not better than anyone just because he has money. He is a servant of equal value on the...
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  • #NewYorkCity: Tourism is Always at an All Time High

    You can achieve more than getting lost in midtown Manhattan if you're from out of town. Toirists of the big apple come from every part of the earth to feel the beautiful experience of what it's like to be in New York City. However, it's too easy to "get lost."...
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  • #Manhattan: #RalphLauren Bringing Back More #CPRL93 Goodies to #WoosterStreet Store in #NYC - Be There or Be Square!

    Did you know Polo Ralph Lauren re-released the vintage CP-RL 1993 collection and continues to re-release vintage Polo goodies? Ralph dug into the Polo archives of the 1990's since he acknowledged the growing demand for Lauren to bring the past back. Polo Lauren not only brought back the good stuff form the past, but he went back as far as 1987 when he re-released a vintage multi-color Polo rugby shirt with the original Polo flags in the center of the rugby. The 1987 Polo rugby retails for $145 @,,,, and on XXL sizes are sold out at all online retailers. You'll probably find an XXL on eBaY, but pay twice the cost or nearly $500. Lo Life crew from Marcus Garvey Village Brooklyn, Ralphie's Kids from St. John's and Utica in Crown Heights, PBS (Paying Back Society), Decepticons (Emergico...
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  • #NYCTravel: Be Sure to Make a Pitstop by the #PoloRalphLauren Store in Manhattan

    Ralph Lifshitz, a.k.a. Ralph Lauren grew up in Bronx, New York as a poor boy. The once former stock boy for former retail clothing giant Alexanders employed Lauren as an hourly employee back in the heyday along with Having 0% experience in the clothing retail industry, Lifshitz-Lauren sought to impact the fashion industry with his new line of retail merchandise known today as At the time of his retail clothing launch, Ralph had no clue how far he would get with his entrepreneurial mindset. In his high school yearbook, he said he wanted to be a millionaire. With a visionary mindset, he achieved mor...
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  • 5 Reasons Why #TommyHilfiger Will Stay Rich

    You have to give Tommy Hilfiger his credit and respect when it's due. He's been in the retail merchandising game since 1985. 18 years after founder Ralph Lauren started his retail clothing journey. The iconic figure Mr. Hilfiger who oversees, like his counterpart Ralph Lifshitz-Lauren of the Bronx, started his clothing marketing journey straight out of New York City. He wasn't always this super rich and built his billion dollar business he runs today from humble beginnings. Tommy Hilfiger understands the importance of making comfortable and memorable clothing designed with the person in mind and with the intent of leaving a lasting positive impression on his target market for years to come. This is only part of the reason why Tommy Hilfiger will always be a billionaire. Five quick reasons why Tommy Hilfiger will always be rich: 1. He's concerned about what people think. Tommy creates quality clothing with people in mind. He's concerned about Fabrics, color blends, what colors people like most in clothing, sizes of clothing, and how people feel wearing his stuff. If Tommy only made his clothes with a one track mind, he might be working a nine-to-five job. Hilfiger understands the importance of creating quality clothing to please people. Design quality clothing keeping people's interest close to your heart as a clothing designer and you'll always be successful like Tommy. 2. His affiliate program was once hosted on It's unclear if he still deals with that affiliate merchant portal operated by Lisa Riolo and associates. That's right. Mr. Hilfiger is in affiliate marketing. He understands the importance of networking through affiliate marketers for the intent of increasing sales of Hilfiger merchandise online. His affiliate program was on the Impact Radius affiliate network. As it's unclear for now if he's still running the Tommy Hilfiger affiliate program, DNN will keep you updated in the future on which affiliate marketing portal Tommy partners with. He used to allegedly offer affiliate RSS data feeds for Tommy Hilfiger affiliate to directly ...
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  • #NYCTravel: Places to Visit in New York City

    #Travel to #NYC for #sightseeing in #Manhattan, #FarRockaway, #LongIsland, #Brooklyn, #Queens, #FlushingQueens, #Harlem, #StatenIsland, #ConeyIsland, #SheepsheadBay, #TimesSquare, #Chinatown #CanalStreet, and #UpStateNewYork -

    In New York City, there is always something to do for those who live there or sightseeing if you plan to travel from out of state. From riding the New York City subways at night from any borough, eating out at restaurants, or walking around Manhattan's Times Square, New York always has something adventurous for its residents to do. And, the beauty of living in New York City is that you can always find something or do seven days a week.

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    If you live in Brooklyn, you're in for a treat. With so much to do in Brooklyn, you can always start your fun filled adventures, by hanging out at Coney Island. Coney Island has fun filled rides, and a boardwalk for couples to take romantic walks on. Also, people can enjoy themselves at Coney Island by playing the fun filled games, such as skee-ball, arcade games, and so much more. When hanging out at Coney Island, people also enjoy themselves by being delicious frog legs and cheese fries at Coney Island Nathan's, located on Surf and Stillwell Avenue, in Brooklyn, New York.

    Related: Brooklyn for tourists: 10 things you should do - Real heads from Flatbush know the Russian rule Coney Island Brooklyn. Jewish run Crown Heights Brooklyn and own most of the apartment buildings in the Bronx and businesses in Manhattan. West Indians run the restaurant scene up and down Flatbush Avenue. Sybil's Bakery is still on Flatbush and Church Avenue in Brooklyn, still around the corner from and Erasmus Hall High School. ...
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  • #NewsFromNewYork: 5 Borough News Roundup in #NewYorkCity

    Renting or buying property in New York City can sometimes be a headache. The New York Times has a thought-provoking article on apartment hunting in NYC. Back in the day in the late 1970's, a person could possibly rent an apartment in Brooklyn for as little as under $100 a month. This was the era when former New York Governor and now deceased Mario Cuomo. was mayor of the big apple. Times back then were simpler as the cost of living was significantly cheaper. Of course, rent in Manhattan was always sky high unless you lived in Harlem or the Bronx. The N.Y. Times article goes on to mention if July is a good time of the year to search and rent an apartment in New York City? That depends. To rent an apartment nowadays in Manhattan, look forward possibly to paying $1,500 and better on a month to month basis. WHile it's uncertain how much rent will be in a New York City housing project, you can still look forward to shelling out over $1,000 monthly. Rne twill allegedly continue to skyrocket not just in Manhattan, but throughout the rest of the boroughs of NYC years to come. Moving around in New York City - Some people are allegedly moving to New York City possibly just to get a free ride on college tuition. New York City Gov. Andrew Cuomo, son of now deceased former Gov. Mario Cuomo, announced early 2017 there would be free college available to residents of the big apple. Free college tuition in New York City has certain conditions. You're obligated after graduation to contribute at least a few years of service working in New York City. If you move out of New York or unable to meet your obligation of working in New York after graduating from college and getting your free ride through any New York City college, you're required to allegedly paid back all the tuition money. Some people might be moving to New York just to shack up with relatives and use their address as a means of getting a free ride through college from New York City government. New York is not the only state to offer residents tuition free college. Having a free scholarship on the government dime is a "blessing," and entitles anyone striving for excellence to get organized to earn "good money." Anyone who qualifies for free college tuition on Uncle Sam's dime should use it to their fullest potential and go non stop award achieving the goal of graduating with their bachelors or Masters degree in their field of expertise so they can showcase their skills that to where the employers and the world. Free college tuition in NYC - Have you ever heard of anything like this? According to an article posted by the Brooklyn Eagle, a judge in Brooklyn allowed a gun toting suspect two more months of freedom to prove himself as he got caught drinking in public and failed to report what he did to the court. Brooklyn judge Pamela Chen, noted in the Brooklyn Eagle article, dealt with gun suspect Mr. Tyson Jeffries in court, as it's noted h...
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  • #NewYorkCity: Sunday Morning #NewsUpdate - The New York Post has a typographical error in their article. The word [coportations] is supposed to be "corporations." It was located in : "And Hynes said the service went to great lengths to conceal its true nature, by "creating a series of "dummy coportations" with misleading names that conducted its financial transactions." Another typo caught is: "They used "discrete" credit-card billing practices. [discrete] is supposed to be "discreet." The article goes on to mention clients ages ranged from 20 to 30 years old and had to complete a face-to-face interview, before approval to mingle with the female escorts. Fees for escort services ranged anywhere from $400-$3600 hourly as the club had an assortment of women from virtually all races, according to the article from the New York Post. Though the article is dated in 2011, DNN randomly doubled back briefly to the New York Post publication to see if the author of the article William J. Gorta concerning the Brooklyn Constitution ring bust made grammar and other typographical corrections which he failed to do. From the looks of his New York Post author RSS feed, it seems as if he’s no longer working for the newspaper. The New York Post and other papers need to randomly run a spelling and grammar check on all articles and have a special editorial team just for the purpose of checking to ensure articles or written in clear and concise language before publishing to the website. New York Post… Are you listening? Am I right? article on prostitution - Isnâ...
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  • Remembering #HurricaneSandy in New York City

    Do you remember this moment of tribulation in 2012 when disaster struck New York City?
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    started a topic #Pokemon Influences New York City?

    #Pokemon Influences New York City?

    Pokemon recently took the internet by storm. While many jumped on the Pokemon game bandwagon in hopes of making money from it and its current popularity, this will play out in time. Many predict Pokemon, like most games, will fizzle out of steam and lose value. What meaningful purpose d...
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  • #NYPD Giving Out Summonses for #Hoverboards?

    Since when is hoverboarding illegal in New York City? This YouTuber alleges that NYPD enforces a possible law in the big apple that hoverboarding is against NYC law. Is this so?...
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  • What is #50Cent Doing Driving Around #Manhattan Alone?

    Curtis Jackson, known as rapper 50 Cent and founder of is seen in the YouTube video driving around New York City in a luxury car. Alone? It looks so. And people wonder how many firearms he possibly has in the car with him. What do you think of this?...
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  • 7 IRT #Subway Line from #Manhattan to #FlushingQueens

    You'll absolutely love watching the video above if you've never been on the New York City subway. it's a grand view of the 7 IRT New York City subway line heading into Flushing Queens....
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Secret #NYCSubway Vintage Stations

    Secret #NYCSubway Vintage Stations

    Did you know New York City has a few secret subway stations? One of the secret station from back in the heyday is located in the heart of Manhattan. The station was designed in the FDR presidency era to host former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt on a secret New York City subway train. The purpose was to secretly shuttle the former president and political cohorts to desired subway stations without interaction with everyday people. The video above is a quick documentary discussing the vintage secret New York subway station and mysterious train designed to transport F.D.R. between stations. Updated: September 1, 2017 Additional video discussing New York City tour of the Grand Central top secret United States presidential tunnel only POTUS use for secret travel video by on ...
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  • #Transgender Fights #Heterosexual Man in #NYCSubway Station

    This is only some of the unlimited nonsense you'll see in New York City. In the Big Apple, you'll see anything ranging from topless females at times square with body paint across their chest "completely legal," people dancing up and down poles on New York City subway trains in hopes of panhandling for money, people allegedly kissing and feeling on body parts in public on the New York City subway train between stations, and so much more. You'll also see nonsense in New York City such as Mr. pregnant: New York City is home to the methods of March madness. It's also the home of some of the most successful actors, rappers, and technology start up founders. Be prepared to virtually see anything next time you visit NYC....
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